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Bohdan Matviychuk. Mezzo Forte.

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Bohdan Matviychuk. Mezzo Forte.
Neo-classic, neo-romanticism usually this kind of music is defined in that way (refer, for example, to Roman Kolyada, Dmytro Krasnoukhov, Oleksiy Revenko). Although, eventually, this kind of definition is only a hint at that this music is rooted in. Worthy music education (or self-education) plus aptitude for improvisation, the desire to perform not only someone else's music and the ability to implement one's own thoughts, impressions, and experiences in the melodies. In the case where only one piano sounds everything is as transparent, sincere, and apparent as possible. There is nothing to hide behind this is, actually, a conversation without intermediaries and this is, perhaps, what is most captivating. Sure, provided the music is good but otherwise, probably, we would hardly be able to speak about transparency. Anyway, the dreamy melodies by Bohdan Matviychuk cause the desire to watch, to listen closer: there is that subtle degree of silence in them that makes it possible to hear your own heart.. Mezzo forte, "not too loudly" isn't it the way the lightest dreams, memories, and reflections come to us? Such soft music does not overshadow the world on the contrary, it slightly opens some door, allows letting in, absorbing more, wider, and more delicately than usual. In the world where speed is constantly increasing, it is an outstanding joy..

Publisher: Rostok Records
Catalogue number: RRCD-1640
Year: 2013

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Bohdan Matviychuk

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1. Mp3Christmas story
2.  In the sea of your eyes
3. Mp3Memories
4.  Prelude
5. Mp3Infinity
6.  Seventh minute of autumn
7. Mp3Nocturne
8.  Renaissance
9. Mp3Impromptu
10.  Winter elegy
 Total playing time: 39:36

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