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Serhiy Zhadan. Khlibne peremyrja. (Bread Ceasefire)
Zhadan. Bread Ceasefire
Domestic: 141.90UAH
International: $12.90USD
Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 174.90UAH
International: $15.90USD
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Pikkardiyska Tertsia. Etjudy. (Etudes)

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Pikkardiyska Tertsia. Etjudy. (Etudes)
So, "Etudes". By definition, an etude is a play based on frequent application of some complicated method of performance and intended for perfection of the performance technique. Well, and such title of the album gives us grounds to speak about outstanding modesty of Pikkardiyska Tertsiya in the matters of evaluating their own mastery. This is, sure, a plus for there are no limits for perfection but Tertsiya have proven more than once already that they are quite able to impeccably perform anything that they target. And they brilliantly prove this again. The album is perfectly balanced, it will surely be able to satisfy the most varied tastes. Authors' compositions here they are. Arrangements here you are, here it is possible to find famous songs indeed not only from Ukraine. And the arrangements, as usual, pleasantly surprise with delicate simplicity but this time they are full of the true jazz mood. And that means that the impression of simplicity is somewhat deceitful it arises, probably, due to the surprisingly light performance by the sextet. And, if you are missing elaborated patterns, here you also have enough of them there was even a place for a scat. But nothing superfluous. The same is true about percussion: there is quite a lot of it in the album, moreover a drum-kit was even applied. But the rhythm section sounds very neat, unobtrusive. Briefly speaking, new colors new horizons. After release of the second volume of "Anthology", one would expect something light, zealous, joyful something like continuation of the first volume of that very "Anthology". So it did happen, "Etudes" have supported exactly this line and, we should say, this album appears even lighter than its predecessor. So, maybe, it is now time for pure improvisations?
Anton Jozhik Leyba (Hedgehog)

Publisher: UKRmusic
Catalogue number: UM-CD 120
Year: 2009

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Pikkardiyska Tertsia

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1. Mp3Ostanniy litniy doshch
2.  Tramvayni etjudy
3.  Tam, de neba blakyt
4. Mp3Sole mio
5.  Shamps Elysees
6.  I Can't Help
7. Mp3Ochi vidmy
8. Mp3Kolombina
9.  Zaspivajem shche khoch raz
10. Mp3Oy, letily dyki husy
11.  Hranuly
12. Mp3Ja vchora potrapyv na nebo
13.  Tramvay
14.  Lviv
 Total playing time: 53:43

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

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