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Konstantin Ionenko. Noema. /digi-pack/.
plenty of space
Domestic: 100.71UAH
International: $14.92USD
Leonid Ushkalov. Scho take ukrajinska literatura. (What Ukrainian Literature Is)
What Ukrainian Literature Is
Domestic: 114.21UAH
International: $16.92USD
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Iryna Shynkaruk. Vidchuvaju.

Reviews (5)
Iryna Shynkaruk. Vidchuvaju.
Let's have a look at this photo. At first sight one can notice warm pastel shades at it, which seem to float from light to twilight. Pellucid, soft autumn mood. Now let's cast the second and closer glance. A closed contour of the body, the pose seems to be relaxed only on the surface, but inside one can feel exertion. Metallic and chilly gleam of a dress and even of the skin itself. It looks as if it were defence, though pellucid and almost imperceptible, but still a fence. Unobtrusive and at the same time elastic hint - you are you yourself and I am me myself. Look, but do not touch. Every person is given the space for solitude. Even lips are hard. Well, now let's cast the third glance. We look simply. A woman. A woman who is sitting alone. She is looking into your eyes. Gleams, metallic chill - all that is external, infused. Clothes, which will be changed. The pose, which will float into a different one. Only a woman, who is sitting alone and looking into your eyes, will stay. May be, she will stiffen, may be she will float. Her songs are like that as well. All three glances, all three approaches are presented in this album. All three of them are important, but the essence of it lies in the third and the closest one. Though, as usual.

Publisher: UKRmusic
Catalogue number: CD 005
Year: 2004

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Iryna Shynkaruk

Domestic price: 67.16UAH
International price: $9.95USD
1.  De ty, de ja Song text
music: O. Pot'omkin
lyrics: Je. Chupryna
2. Mp3Ja sama Song text
music: O. Pot'omkin
lyrics: I. Shynkaruk
3.  Ty mynajesh Song text
music: V. Shynkaruk
lyrics: O. Bryhynec'
4.  Leleka
music: O. Pot'omkin
lyrics: Je. Chupryna
5.  Akacija
music: V. Basner
lyrics: Je. Chupryna
6. Mp3Vsenoshna dlja dushi
music: O. Pot'omkin
lyrics: O. Smyk
7.  Proschaju i proschajusja
music: V. Shynkaruk
lyrics: V. Shynkaruk
8.  Pojizdy
music: O. Vojtko
lyrics: O. Vojtko
9. Mp3Laska
lyrics: Je. Chupryna
10.  Ja vidchuvaju
music: O. Pot'omkin
lyrics: I. Shynkaruk
11. Mp3Misto
music: O. Pot'omkin
lyrics: I. Shynkaruk
12.  Zhaduj
music: O. Pot'omkin
lyrics: A. Matvijchuk
13.  Zyma
music: O. Pot'omkin
14.  Try vesny
music: O. Pot'omkin
lyrics: V. Matvijenko
15.  Distaly!
music: O. Pot'omkin
lyrics: A. Matvijchuk
16.  Zyma – remix
music: O. Pot'omkin
lyrics: I. Shynkaruk
  Video bonus
17.  Ty mynajesh
18.  De ty, de ja
 Total playing time: 64:58

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Domestic price: 67.16UAH
International price: $9.95USD

Reviews (5)

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