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Yuri Andrukhovych. Kokhantsi Yustytsii. (Lovers of Justice)
Andrukhovych. Lovers of Justice
Domestic: 238.93UAH
International: $21.92USD
"AgiaDimitra" male choir. Kolyada. /digi-pack/. (The Christmas Carol)
a holiday in the heart
Domestic: 140.83UAH
International: $12.92USD
LBB. Lemko Bluegrass Band. /digi-pack/.
Carpathian bluegrass
Domestic: 140.83UAH
International: $12.92USD
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Ruslana. Music videos: Wild Energy. Amazon. Wild Dances. (DVD).

Reviews (17)
Ruslana. Music videos: Wild Energy. Amazon. Wild Dances. (DVD).

No age restrictions.
Every video has a clip how it was making.

In Ukrainian and English.

Video format - PAL.

DVD Region: ALL.

Publisher: Comp music
Catalogue number: 2678879
Year: 2008

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Domestic price: 151.73UAH
International price: $13.92USD
1.  Prezentatsiyne video (EPK)
  Amazonka (Wild Energy)
  Ukrainian videos:
2.  Dyka enerhija
3.  Dyka enerhija, making of
4.  Vidlunnja mriy (Moon of Dreams) feat. T-Pain
5.  Vidlunnja mriy (Moon of Dreams), making of
6.  Vohon chy lid
7.  Vohon chy lid, making of
8.  Dykyy anhel
  English videos:
9.  Teasers
10.  Wild Energy
11.  making of Wild Energy
12.  Moon of Dreams feat. T-Pain
13.  making of Moon of Dreams
14.  Silent Angel
  Dyki tantsi (Wild Dances)
  Ukrainian videos:
15.  Dyki tantsi
16.  Dyki tantsi, making of
17.  Skazhy meni
18.  Skazhy meni, making of
19.  Oy, zahray my, muzychenku
20.  Oy, zahray my, muzychenku, making of
21.  Kolomyyka
22.  Kolomyyka, making of
23.  Znaju ja
24.  Znaju ja, making of
  English videos:
25.  Wild Dances
26.  making of Wild Dances
27.  Dance with the Wolves
28.  making of Dance with the Wolves
29.  The Same Star
30.  making of The Same Star
Domestic price: 151.73UAH
International price: $13.92USD
See also:

Gaytana. Tolko segodnya. (CD+DVD). (Only Today)

In the first part it is the dancing mood and temperament of the majority of compositions by Gaytana. In the second part the lyric melodiousness, beauty of the compositions, and Gaytana sings them very emotionally. Evidently, that is the reason why the new face as the same looks bright without regard to all the differences.
Domestic price: 122.95UAH, International price: $11.28USD

Ruslana. Rizdvo z Ruslanoju. (DVD). (Christmas with Ruslana)

The first author performance demonstrated in 1998, after the many months of careful preparation. The project includes not only the festive songs set, but also theatrical and ballet pieces. The chamber orchestra "Virtuosos of Lviv", the choir and musicians of the rock group "Klub Shanuvalnykiv Chaju" accompanied the singer.
Domestic price: 129.93UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Ruslana. Ostannje Rizdvo 90-kh. (DVD). (Last Christmas of the 1990s)

A concert film based on materials of Christmas performances won the award as the best music film of 1999. Almost all inhabitants of Lviv were involved in its production. And such sights of the global value as the Dominican cathedral, the Pototsky's palace etc. The quality of the music material satisfied even the most snappy music critics.
Domestic price: 129.93UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Ruslana. Rizdvjani lehendy. (DVD). (Christmas Legends)

"Christmas Legends" is the film with which Ukraine met Christmas 2002. Colorful illustration of the ancient folk traditions preserved in the Carpathians. Possibly, it is the period of preparation for this film, which included wide-scale ethnographic expeditions, that initiated the "Wild Dances" project.
Domestic price: 129.93UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Ruslana. Na Rizdvo do Lvivskoho! Christmas Legends 2. (DVD). (For Christmas to Lvivsky)

Christmas 2003 project. This time, Ruslana invited friends, stars of the Ukrainian variety art, to celebrate Christmas in the picturesque snow-bound Carpathians and at a real carnival in the center of the ancient Lviv. Taisiya Povaliy, Ani Lorak, Evgenia Vlasova, others took part in the film. The film's soundtrack is Christmas songs performed by them.
Domestic price: 129.93UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Alena Vinnitskaya. Live. Film Concert "Cherez ternyy k zvezdam". (DVD). (Per Aspera Ad Astra)

The all-Ukraine tour with performances at large scenes, the "live" concert DVD, by the way, of a pleasant quality this is true about the sound, and the picture, and the camera's work. Alyona Vinnitska, judging by everything, is not going to yield her seat in the first rows to anybody...
Domestic price: 122.95UAH, International price: $11.28USD

Zaporozhets za Dunajem. Feature comic music film. Based on the same-name opera by S. Hulak-Artemovsky. (DVD). (Zaporozhian Behind the Danube)

Zaporozhian Cossacks captivated by Turks dream to break free. Gossips about that reach the sultan. He disguises and penetrates unnoticed into the settlement of Cossacks, where he meets Ivan Karas. The sultan invites Ivan to the palace. The clever Karas, though quite drunk, looks closely and notices everything. And when time comes, due to his attentiveness and smartness Cossacks break free.
Domestic price: 151.73UAH, International price: $13.92USD

Green Grey. Dve epokhy. (DVD).

It is wonderful when old acquaintances are able to surprise you. That is why I think that two epochs an old one and a new one have met at this concert very successfully.
Domestic price: 122.95UAH, International price: $11.28USD

Natalia Mogilevska. Etot tanec. (This Dance)

Domestic price: 112.05UAH, International price: $10.28USD

Alena Vinnitskaya. Clips. (DVD).

Al'ona Vinnyts'ka practices rather light music I mean the style, not the volumes of efforts applied. Nevertheless, lightness does not transform into mindlessness which is nice. Moreover, she somehow constantly manages to be a step ahead of her colleagues in female pop rock.
Domestic price: 122.95UAH, International price: $11.28USD

Reviews (17)

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1 february 2018
Myroslav Levytsky "In Piano": Special offer!
12 january 2018
Special offer: Order many pay as for one!
Frankenweenie. /Blu-ray/.
Frankenweenie. /Blu-ray/.
Domestic: 140.83UAH
International: $12.92USD
Ivan Marchuk, Myroslav Skoryk. Over the horizon  the horizon... Virtual slide show. (DVD). Premium edition.
Ivan Marchuk + Myroslav Skoryk
Domestic: 217.13UAH
International: $19.92USD
"Kolo Dzygi" Silent Film Collection. ZEMLYA /Oleksandr Dovzhenko/. (DVD). (Earth)
ZEMLYA /Oleksandr Dovzhenko/. (DVD). (Earth)
Domestic: 166.55UAH
International: $15.28USD
Telnyuk Sisters. REHEARSAL (studio video project). (DVD).
studio video project. (DVD)
Domestic: 166.55UAH
International: $15.28USD