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Levko Tymoshchuk. Pisni nashykh pokhodiv. (Songs of Our Marches)

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Levko Tymoshchuk. Pisni nashykh pokhodiv. (Songs of Our Marches)
The Lviv Cossack Society "Kish" was founded 20 years ago.

In 1991, under the leadership of V. Kachmar Pivtorakozhukha the society built a replica of a 16th century Cossack vessel, the chayka "Presvyata Pokrova".

From 1992 onwards the members of the society undertook a series of expeditions along the Dniper river and on the Black, Mediterranean and North Seas, during which they actively participated in many historical sea-faring festivals, including those in Amsterdam, Rouen, Southampton, Brest and other European cities.

Levko Tymoshchuk has written and composed the first two songs on this CD. He was an active member of the group that built the chayka, and later became the otaman (chief of the society) and captain of "Presvyata Pokrova". In 1996 two musicians Mykola Khavar-Androsiuk and Myron Bloshchychak joined the expedition... With their accompaniment to Levko's singing they have created a CD that contains a selection of Cossack, Kuban' and Ukrainian folk songs which Levko and other crew members enjoyed singing during their voyages. We hope that You will like them too!

(information from the polygraph of the disc)

Publisher: Nash Format
Year: 2009

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Levko Tymoshchuk

Domestic price: 208.60UAH
International price: $14.90USD
1.  Ivan Pidkova
lyrics: T. Shevcheko
2. Mp3Shche za davnikh knjazivskykh chasiv
3.  Oy na richtsi, na shyrokiy
4. Mp3Hey rozvyvaysja ta y sukhyy dube
lyrics: Ukrainian folk song
5.  Khtos ta y vrodytsja z nas neshchaslyvo
6.  Jak surmy zahrajut pokhidniji horny
lyrics: Ukrainian folk song from Kuban'
7. Mp3Kozak vidjizhdzhaje, divchynonka plache
lyrics: Ukrainian folk song from Kuban'
8. Mp3Zhyttja burlatskeje
lyrics: Ukrainian Scout song
9.  Dumka (Teche voda v synje more)
lyrics: T. Shevcheko
10. Mp3Jikhav kozak hory ta bayrak
lyrics: Ukrainian folk song
11.  Shabelyna
lyrics: Ukrainian folk song
12.  Jak zbyralysja orly
lyrics: Cossack march
13.  video
 Total playing time: 34:07

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 208.60UAH
International price: $14.90USD
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Reviews (2)

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