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Ancient Music Ensemble of Kostjantin Chechenja, Nina Matvienko. Vsyakomu Horodu Nrav i Prava. /vinyl 180g HQ Audiophile LP/. (Every City to Have Its Habits and Laws)

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German pressing
using "Lacquer Cut Mastering" analogue technologies ("SST Bruggemann" studio, Frankfurt): Vinyl LP (Audiophile Classic, black, 180 gm, lacquer mastering).

Limited edition! 150 copies. Special offer: free shipping (...)

"The new studio album by the People's Artist of Ukraine Nina Matvienko introduces us to still little known facets of the famous Ukrainian singer's talent. The nineteen compositions dating from the 16th-18th centuries belong to the so-called "Hetman Era" the epoch of formation and blossoming of the Ukrainian Baroque. The unique pieces were restored based on ancient manuscripts and rare editions by the known musician and art historian Kostyantyn Chechenya. Among songs recorded on the disc there is the absolute "super hit" of those days, "Every City to Have Its Habits and Laws", based on music and poetry by Hrygory Skovoroda.
The Ensemble of Ancient Music conducted by Kostyantyn Chechenya took part in the recording. The recording took place in Kyiv Ivan Honchar Museum, and further work on the album continued at specialized studios in Kyiv and New York. Producer of the album Oleh Skrypka." (information from the official press release)


Publisher: Krajina mrij
Catalogue number: krm 069
Year: 2012

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Ancient Music Ensemble of Kostjantin Chechenja
Nina Matvienko

Domestic price: 1020.60UAH
International price: $72.90USD
  side 1:
1.  Vesilni nahravannja iz zapysiv O.Kolberha
2. Mp3Vsjakomu horodu nrav i prava (slova ta melodija H. Skovorody)
3.  Oy, ty, ptychko zhovtoboka (slova ta melodija H. Skovorody)
4. Mp3Tantsjuvalni melodiji z "Vertepu" (nevidomyy avtor)
5. Mp3Okh, shchastije, shchastije, bidnoje, zloje (slova ta melodija H. Skovorody)
6.  Tvir 170 z rukopysnoji zbirky XVII st. (nevidomyy avtor)
7. Mp3Chy ja bula chy ne krasnaja (nevidomyy avtor)
8.  Tvir 167 z rukopysnoji zbirky XVII st. (nevidomyy avtor)
9. Mp3Okh, nesnosnym zhalem sertse mi stysneno (nevidomyy avtor)
10.  Mantovana (tanets z tabuljatury XVII st. B.Penkelja)
11.  Pjesa (nevidomyy avtor XVII st.)
  side 2:
12. Mp3Tuzhyv, hukav zhaloslyve holub na buchyni (nevidomyy avtor)
13.  Tvir 201 z rukopysnoji zbirky XVII st. (nevidomyy avtor)
14. Mp3Akh, Ukrajinonko, bidna hodynonka teper tvoja (nevidomyy avtor)
15.  Tanets (nevidomyy avtor XVI st.)
16.  Kozachok (nevidomyy avtor XVIII st.)
17.  Akh, ushly moji lita (slova ta melodija H. Skovorody)
18.  Tanets "Vyrvanyy" (nevidomyy avtor XVII st.)
19.  Vzyray z prylizhanijem, tlinnyy choloviche (slova ta melodija D.Tuptala)

Fragments of the compositions marked with Mp3 mark are available for listening. How to listen?

Domestic price: 1020.60UAH
International price: $72.90USD
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