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Komu Vnyz. 4: Shevchenko. (EP). /digi-pack/.
Komu Vnyz. Shevchenko. (EP) (special offer)
Domestic: 404.60UAH
International: $28.90USD
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Gregory Nemirovsky

Gregory Nemirovsky was born on the 23-th of October 1971 in the regional city Voroshilovgrad (now Lugansk, Ukraine). He took a primary seven-year course in composition at a college of music in Voroshilovgrad, with parallel completion of piano course at a music school. In 1986 Gregory was admitted to Lysenko's Specialized Music School in Kiev, department of music theory. He took part in concerts of children and youth arts. In 1990 Gregory graduated from the specialized music school. He was the only one in the whole history of school to receive the diploma in composition. It was the unique event by itself which neither took place before nor was repeated after. The same year Gregory was admitted to the Chaikovsky State Conservatory in Kiev, department of composition and music theory. Since 1993 he took an active part in the creative initiatives of musicians in Kiev. He organized the concerts of contemporary academic music which took place in the House of Actors, House of Scientists and the headquarters of the Union of Composers. While still studying at the Conservatory he started up the ensemble of the early music called "AVLOS", of which he had remained a director for three years. From 1996 till 1999 the ensemble played in various concerts and festivals of Ukraine. Its activity was commented upon by a number of music TV channels: 1+1, Inter, ICTV, Gravis, New Channel, as well as on the radio - Promin, Continent radio stations. After graduating from the Conservatory in 1995 Gregory mastered on his own a new music instrument - trumpet. Since then he has never stopped to improve his mastery of the trumpet always striving to meet up the highest standards of performance as evidenced by his participation in jazz events. In 1997 Gregory had the honor to open the international jazz festival "Berezilla" with the author's concert. Late 2000 he was invited to become a member of Er.J. Orchestra as a multiinstrumentalist (arrangement, trumpet, medieval cornett, flugelhorn, melophone, melodica, piano & keyboard.) Now he is engaged in studio music projects, providing for an arrangement of music compositions and their performance - "Arkadia", "Dinastia" studios, TV channel 1+1, ICTV and others). Within 2000 - 2007 he participated in a number of festivals and concerts.
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Gregory Nemirovsky. Mirages.

...the silent poetry of the atmospheric, almost supernatural winds appeared against the background of clear, transparent rhythms and sometimes fluctuating, changeable bass and key lines. This music seems to pull into some mystic circle, however it also tears, transforms it with sporadic emotional splashes, does not let it calm down melancholically, provokes attention.
Domestic price: 208.60UAH, International price: $14.90USD

Gregory Nemirovsky. SonGs in the Key of Odd. /eco-pack/.

As the title promises, the album has turned out quite strange but in a good sense. This is the strangeness that can only be afforded by good,versatile musicians otherwise, originality may easily turn into farce, showing off. This did not happen here one virtually feels with one's skin in what a thin, delicate way all of that is compiled.
Domestic price: 222.60UAH, International price: $15.90USD

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22 february 2022
The "Return Alive" Foundation
23 november 2020
Exclusive! "Unsubdued ProRock" series as a present!
Taras Pastukh. Polumja vidihrije pamjat... Memories of Oleh Lysheha. (Flames Will Warm Up the Memory)
Memories of Oleh Lysheha
Domestic: 460.60UAH
International: $32.90USD
Braty Hadyukiny. Made in Ukraine. /digi-pack/.
songs in the time change
Domestic: 250.60UAH
International: $17.90USD
Uladzimer Arlov. Krajevyd z mentolovym aromatom. (The Landscape with Menthol Aroma)
Uladzimer Arlov. The Landscape..
Domestic: 250.60UAH 225.54UAH
International: $17.90USD $16.11USD
AntytilA. MLNL. /digi-pack/.
Domestic: 250.60UAH
International: $17.90USD