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Halych Chamber Choir "Yevshan"

The history of the Ukrainian people abounds with interesting legends. One such legend, described in the Ipati chronicles, concerns a magical herb, Yevshan, which has an odour that restores people's memory.

Yevshan is also the name given to a youth chamber choir formed on September 11th 1990 by Michailo Bogach. The aim of the Halych Chamber Choir "Yevshan" is to restore the spiritual memory of the people through reviving long-forgotten traditions, music by Ukrainian composers and performing sacred choral music.

Bogdan Gengalo has been the leader of Galich choir 'Yevshan' since February 1992 and the choristers have experimented a lot under his guidance. Similarly, the programme of Yevshan has also become very versatile and among the pieces performed by the choir are folk songs, sacred music and the best of Ukrainian and world classics. However, Yevshan is a youth choir and also tries to keep up with the times. Therefore, it is natural that its repertoire includes both modern popular and modern choral music.

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Halych Chamber Choir "Yevshan". Fol'klorna skrynja.

Here usual Ukrainian songs sound as spiritual ones, though they seem to have nothing to do with the church. So then, here a song as it is acquires a new quality and a new content – to be exact, an old and almost forgotten content.
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