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Сергій Жадан. Хлібне перемир'я.
Жадан. Хлібне перемир'я
В Україні: 141.90 грн (*)
До інших країн: $12.90USD
Тарас Прохасько. Так, але...
Прохасько. Так, але...
В Україні: 174.90 грн (*)
До інших країн: $15.90USD
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Мандри. Дорога.
  , Brisbane, Australia
15-09-2007 18:48

Top stuff! Doroha sounds like you are on a road and the clarity of voice makes the difference.Ukrainian singers are known for clear singing which makes it worth listening to.Another CD being worn out in the car whilst driving around at work.
Let's hope the boys decide to release more English speaking versions so the rest of the world can hear them.

Ані Лорак. Розкажи...
  , Brisbane, Australia
15-09-2007 18:41

I have to agree with all of you, specialy, Fr@nky.Man! you said it all.Have nearly worn out the CD playing it in the car.Such a cheeky teenage sounding voice should be registered and released with a warning note."May cause delusions of romantic enhancement,use with care" My apprentices want to emigrate to Ukraine after seeing the cover photo and hearing her sing.
What is important ,above all else, is the clear crisp voice and presentation.You can actually understand what she is singing about.

. .
  , Киев, Украина
14-09-2007 12:22

Диск ОЧЕНЬ классный, даже если кто НЕ любит классику, все равно рекомендую впечатление обещаю. Я был сам на этом концерте, но после концерта очень долго ждал диск и вот дождался, смотрю ДИСК по 5 раз на день!

Іннеса. Ґердан. Новий звук етнічної України.
  , Houston, TX, USA
12-09-2007 18:34

Love it! Melodic, majestic, and expressive. A new spin on violin music. Usually attempts to combine traditional string instruments with electonic music fail miserably, but not so with this CD. After listening to the song samples, I knew I had to have it. Now that I have received it, I cannot stop listening to it. Quite a performance.

Фольклорний гурт "Веснянка". Ой, заграли музиченьки.
  , Perkinsville, USA
11-09-2007 17:47

Is it possible to feel at home in a country you have never visited? This CD with its folk music of the Ukraine makes me feel that way. Some of the tracks are the type of music played at our rural country folk dances with fiddle playing. One track sounds like a calliope (a steam driven music maker which plays music on whistles and/or piano/organ keys within the machine). A true delight! The music is ideal for dancing and sets the feet tapping and making a happy heart. If you want to be filled with joy, I highly recommend this CD.

Ансамбль класичного співу "Голоси України". Музика молитв.
  , Perkinsville, USA
11-09-2007 17:33

Accolades to this professional and wonderful choir who sing Ukrainian Church music at its finest. The acoustics of the Eastern European Churches are incredible, making the singing ethereal as though it is coming directly from Heaven. It is like nothing I have ever heard in the USA. It is one of my favorites for this kind of singing. As always, I am in absolute awe of the a cappella singing of the beautiful music of the Church. If anyone is stressed out, this will bring peace and quiet to the spirit and soul.

Фольк-шоу гурт "Українські вечорниці". Україна – любов моя.
  , Perkinsville, USA
11-09-2007 16:54

WOW! This CD is a treasure and recommended to anyone who loves Ukrainian folk music. The Ukraine has so many diverse folk instruments it is interesting to learn of their origins and use. I had to research the kobza since I was not familiar with it. Similar to the mandolin, it's roots in the Ukraine go back to the 1300's, and similar instruments may have been used in as early as 500. It was traditionally used by a bard or minstrel. There is a diversity of music from lively folk, to quieter tracks all are done professionally giving much enjoyment to the listener. This CD will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Фольклорний гурт "Київ", Анатолій Руденко. Веселі українські народні пісні.
  , Perkinsville, USA
11-09-2007 16:27

Want to put an instant smile on your face and set your feet tapping, or dancing around the room? Then do purchase this wonderful CD filled with happy Ukrainian folk songs. The music and artists are top of the line, showcasing the rich tapestry of folk music of the Ukraine. You will not be disappointed if you have "happy feet" and a "happy spirit". My home makes a wonderful dance floor for me to happily exercise to the music of this special CD. It will be enjoyed much in the years to come.

Етнічна Україна. Гуцульські Мелодії.
  , Perkinsville, USA
11-09-2007 16:19

Five gold stars to the producers of this ethnic Hutsul folk music CD. I must admit I had to research the origins of the Hutsul peoples. This is wonderful music played at its best. I recommend it highly for anyone who loves Ukrainian folk music. The flavors of the various tracks are diverse with some reflecting their closeness to Middle Eastern roots. All in all a CD filled with delightful, lively music and some tracks of quieter, soothing folk music. Although my own roots are not Ukrainian, I am completely smitten by the music of this beautiful country.

Руслана. Wild Dances.
  , tyler, usa
10-09-2007 02:31

I have to agree with with the statements before me! Pop-rock mixed with a flavor of folk music gives a great flavor to the music and vocals. I just want to dance when listening to this album! I recomend this album to
everyone I see. As for the english songs..I have no problem understanding the songs, I have been doing english for 50 years now ;-)). My hat is off to the lovely Ruslana for doing songs in english! For me ,Ruslana is my number one listening pleasure!
Thank you UMKA for a great expierience in buying music, you are customer care thoughtfull ! ;-))
Viva Ruslana !! Viva Ukraine!! ;-)) PaKa!

Краще з українського фольклору. Міжнародний фестиваль української музики та пісні "Горицвіт". (2 videoCD).
  , Perkinsville, USA
09-09-2007 20:50

What a treat to not only hear the wonderful music of the Ukraine, but to see it played on traditional folk instruments. Highly recommended for the superb photography and professional composition of this two-DVD set. I am delighted to see the countryside of the Ukraine with its mountains, rolling hills and green grasslands. I knew of the steppes, but never guessed that parts of the Ukraine look very much like my home state of Vermont. This set is a must for anyone who enjoys seeing traditional folk music played in the rural areas of the Ukraine, rather than in a concert hall.

Ансамбль української музики "Дніпро". Жива вода.
  , Perkinsville, USA
09-09-2007 20:32

Of all the CDs I purchased this is one of my absolute favorites. It is so beautiful and restful. In fact, I often put it on my stereo system when I retire for the night and enjoy the music as it lulls me to sleep. It also uses traditional Ukrainian folk instruments played by highly professional and skilled musicians. A tribute to the Ukraine which I recommend highly for anyone who enjoys listening to music played on folk instruments which have been in use since ancient times. My hat is off to "Dnipro".

Скрябін, Smack Band. Скрябінос muchachos.
  Almys , Івано-Франківськ, Україна
07-09-2007 23:15

Якщо порівняти дану збірку переспівів з "Альбомом" або "Триб'ютом", то "Мучачос" просто ховаються... обидва перших були присвячені роковинам творчості, а "Мучачос" - це щось на зразок 'в нас получилося по-іншому і ми то всьо записали'. Душі в цьому доробку фактично не відчувається, треки йдуть занадто одноманітно, відчувається недосконалість оволодіння "нашими" виконавцями "ненашого" стилю.
Хоча в кожного виконавця бувають такі моменти, коли є можливість випустити "мінорний" альбом, або не випустити нічого. 'Скрябін' вибрав перший варіант.

NIK_TO. ChronoMaster.
  , Одеса, Найкраща країна
07-09-2007 16:40

Для тих хто любить Pink Floyd з сумішшю Jean Michel Jarre, тих хто вміє
слухаючи- бачити. Мрійників котрі заплющив очі можуть побачити увесь
СВІТ, усі часи та всесвіти!
Сподіваюсь, що це не останній і ще не найкращий твір цього митця.
Наснаги тобі NIK_TO !!!

Мандри. Легенда про Іванка та Одарку.
  , 4ubYork, Ukraine
04-09-2007 14:02

я вже маю всі альбоми цієї групи і анітрохи не пожалкував, молодці кожна пісня просто палає позитивом! дійсно гурт вартий того щоб усі їх диски були в колекціях людей, що дійсно цінують якісну музику!

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Тетяна Школьна. Добрая годинонька. Українські народні пісні. /касета/.
Добрая годинонька. Українські народні пісні. /касета
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Сергій Осока. Три лини для Марії.
Три лини для Марії
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Ольга Карі. Компот із патисонів.
Компот із патисонів
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