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Hycz Orkestr. Pid markoyu Ivana Yakovycha. /premium, mini-book+CD/. (Under the Brand of Ivan Yakovych)
poetic art-folk-rock
Domestic: 174.96UAH
International: $25.92USD
Lesya Ukrainka. Lysty. 1876-1897. (Letters)
Lesya Ukrainka. Letters. (1876-1897)
Domestic: 222.21UAH
International: $32.92USD
DakhaBrakha. Shlyakh. /premium, digi-pack/. (The Road)
the Ukrainian Zen
Domestic: 249.48UAH
International: $36.96USD
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Vaclav Havel. Promovy ta esei. (Speeches and Essays)

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Vaclav Havel. Promovy ta esei. (Speeches and Essays)
"Five brilliant texts by Vaclav Havel, one of the most outstanding intellectuals of the 20th century, dissident, political activist, the first president of the Czech Republic. In his perception, politics is not about technology or manipulation, but rather a constant struggle for the ideals and values, unbreakable faith in humans and in the power of the European culture. Vaclav Havel reminds us about importance of history, freedom, conscience, personal responsibility and joint action, and although the texts were written about different times and different society, it will be surprisingly easy for Ukrainians to recognize in them the problems that we have not yet fully overcome.
In addition to works by Havel, the publication contains memoirs by Mustafa Dzhemilev about his meeting this outstanding figure."
Translated from Czech by Radko Mokryk, Tetyana Okopna, Yevhen and Olha Perebyjnis
In Ukrainian.
Type of the edition: hard cover
Format: 130x200 mm
Number of pages: 144
Publisher: KOMORA, Kyiv


1. Lyst do Gustava Husaka (1975)

2. Polityka i sumlinnja (1984)

3. Slova podjaky (z nahody otrymannja Premiji Erazma Rotterdamskoho) (1986)

4. Istoriji y totalitaryzm (1987)

5. Slovo pro slovo (promova na vruchenni Premiji myru nimetskykh knyhariv) (1989)

- Mustafa Dzhemilev. Try zustrichi z Vatslavom Havelom

Publisher: KOMORA
Catalogue number: ISBN 9786177286126
Year: 2016

Domestic price: 107.46UAH
International price: $15.92USD
See also:

Oleksandr Boychenko. Moi sered chuzhykh. Reader's guide. /second edition/. (Mine Among Strangers)

In his book, Boychenko presents biographies and specific features of works by his favorite foreign authors. This collection may be helpful to those who have already learned to read, but are still learning to understand what they have read. To representatives of other age, social, and professional groups the author does not guarantee enjoyment or benefit.
Domestic price: 120.96UAH, International price: $17.92USD

Oksana Zabuzhko. I znov ya vlizayu v tank... (And I Get Into the Tank Again)

Selected texts, 2012-2016: articles, essays, interviews, memoirs. The new collection of pressing-issue journalism by the famous writer is a book for anyone who does not avoid honest answers to pressing issues and who cares about the challenges that Ukraine is confronting today. This is about chimeras of the "enslaved mind"..
Domestic price: 174.96UAH, International price: $25.92USD

Oleksandr Boychenko. 50 vidsotkiv ratsii. (50 Percent of the Ratio)

50 selected texts by the author in the story-based journalism genre. Therefore characters of the texts are strictly 50 percent real, and 50 fictional. The same applies to the stories narrated here: by 50 percent they are literary ones, and by 50 journalistic, 50% of them are comic, the other 50 not that much. The book is intended for 50 percent of readers.
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Leonid Ushkalov. Scho take ukrajinska literatura. (What Ukrainian Literature Is)

The book includes 45 essays that were first published in 2012-2013. In them, the author touches upon a number of issues that are important to every individual: happiness, freedom, love, truth, poetry, loneline... And the characters of the essays are both the classics well known to all, including Skovoroda, Shevchenko, Drahomanov, Franko, Lesya Ukrainka...
Domestic price: 114.21UAH, International price: $16.92USD

Andrey Sheptytsky. Poslannya lyubovy. (The Message of Love)

The period of rule of Metropolitan Andriy Sheptytsky constitutes a specific era in the history of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. It is above all the time of the world war and its terrible consequences. Metropolitan Andriy, carried by the waves of fate, in his life followed the fate of the entire Ukrainian nation...
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Andrey Sheptytsky. Yak buduvaty ridnu khatu? (How to Build the Native Home?)

The greatness and humility of Sheptytsky are most fully expressed in his message "How to Build the Native Home?". Greatness because one could hardly find a more transparent vision of the simplest solutions to the Ukrainian problem. Humility because no one better than the Metropolitan realized how hard it is to do the easiest things together for a long time..
Domestic price: 60.21UAH, International price: $8.92USD

Taras Prokhasko. Radist kontaktu. (The Joy of Contact)

The book includes selected conversation with Taras Prokhasko that were published in paper and electronic media. During the "making" of each of the conversations, there was "the joy of contact". This joy will also be there when you read this publication. Moreover, the book starts with an exclusive interview...
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Yuri Andrukhovych. Tut pokhovany Fantomas. (Fantomas Is Buried Here)

...To your attention a sort of the selected from these weekly records arranged in the strict chronological order. When preparing this collection, the author deliberately did not make any adjustments of content, but he considered it appropriate to specify the exact date of each post.
Domestic price: 87.21UAH, International price: $12.92USD

13 rizdvyanykh istoriy. (13 Christmas Stories)

These 13 Christmas stories by contemporary Ukrainian writers are actually very diverse, and yet they complement one another as if puzzle pieces of large canvas. As if life as such. As if, after all, Christmas for each of us, which contains much more senses than the traditional picture of a family idyll..
Domestic price: 89.64UAH, International price: $13.28USD

Anatoliy Dnistrovy. Hlobus Karla Marksa. (The Globe of Karl Marx)

"The Globe of Karl Marx" is an unexpected book among the author's literary and essay works. It is dedicated to current processes in the changing contemporary world and covers the overarching themes of social inequality and civilizational chances of the transitional society under the conditions of global challenges.
Domestic price: 76.14UAH, International price: $11.28USD

Volodymyr Yermolenko. Daleki blyzki. Essays On Philosophy and Literature. (The Distant and Close)

This book is about people and their lives, their pain and joy and, at the same time, about the senses that these people constellate from their experience. This book is about how to turn weakness into strength, and a flaw into an advantage. About how the distant classics can suddenly become close as friends, as relatives.
Domestic price: 109.89UAH, International price: $16.28USD

Vasyl Danysh. Doktryna mriji. (The Dream Doctrine)

"The Dream Doctrine" is a constellation of knowledge, experience, and the historical tragedy. The subtle understanding of the Ukrainian mentality, psychological characteristics and flaws, analysis of the key events and people all of that allowed the author to synthesize the Ukrainian choice landmark. What are we and our thoughts like?..
Domestic price: 85.12UAH, International price: $12.61USD

Antin Mukharsky. Maidan. (R)evolutsia dukhu. Catalogue Almanac. /deluxe edition/. (The (R)Evolution of the Spirit) activists, philosophers, historians, writers, artists, heroes and witnesses of the revolutionary days of the Ukrainian history have in the diaries, essays, and exclusive interviews described the dark and light sides of Maidan, versions of the causes and consequences, the "white spots" and the mysterious coincidences in the events of November, 2013-February, 2014.
Domestic price: 296.46UAH, International price: $43.92USD

Antin Mukharsky. Maidan. (R)evolutsia dukhu: the art and culture project. (The (R)Evolution of the Spirit)

The publication is intended for readers interested in the controversial view of the Ukrainian history, politics, and culture. The book "Maidan" is a kaleidoscope combining candid and critical perspectives of the Ukrainian Revolution of 2013-2014, emotions without cuts, and the details that were left off media screens.
Domestic price: 89.64UAH, International price: $13.28USD

Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz. Vona i Vin pro seks. (She and He About Sex)

"The book is written based on the real stories that as a sexologist and psychotherapist I encountered in my therapeutic practice. Through description of the issues I had to deal with most often, I intended to show differences in views of women and men..." Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz
Domestic price: 93.96UAH, International price: $13.92USD

Kostyantyn Moskalets. Spolokhy. Literary Criticism and Essays. (Stirs)

...The significance of these essays and literary criticism is due to their return to the direct, immediate vision that respects uniqueness, individuality of everything living and encourages to reflect on the universal laws of the universe, leading to appreciation of every moment of life.
Domestic price: 85.12UAH, International price: $12.61USD

Vasyl Danysh. Idu na vy. The Code of the New Age Ukrainian the Knight of Honor, Spirit, and Dignity. (I Come Against You)

..the nation that aspired to keep itself in history must take care of its own upbringing. This book will be of use in the process of formation of the national elite relying in its activities on the concept of nobility, aristocracy, chivalry, and accountability of elites.
Domestic price: 89.64UAH, International price: $13.28USD

Daria Vikonska. James Joyce / Zhinka v chornomu (The Woman in Black)

For the first time in the independent Ukraine, the fullest edition of the original small form works by the distinctive Ukrainian writer Daria Vikonska is published and her famous studies of the outstanding Irish writer, which laid the foundation of the Ukrainian researches in Joyce's works and still have not lost their significance and charm.
Domestic price: 116.64UAH, International price: $17.28USD

Anna-Lena Lauren. Nevidoma tsina svobody. The Democratic Revolutions in Georgia, Ukraine, and Kyrgyzstan. (The Unknown Price of Freedom)

This is the third book by the famous Finnish journalist and writer Anna-Lena Lauren published in Ukrainian. While her previous two books reflected current realities of life in Russia and in the Caucasian republics, from this book the Ukrainian reader can learn more about the author's interested perspective of Ukraine as well.
Domestic price: 85.12UAH, International price: $12.61USD

Ukrainian Transgressions of the 20th-21st Centuries.

The book offers a broad and multifaceted perspective of the Ukrainian studies centered around the events after 1991, critical and nodular for Ukraine. At the same time, it is an attempt to determine the trajectory of its further development in the nearer and distant future..
Domestic price: 139.12UAH, International price: $20.61USD

Antin Mukharsky. Zhlobolohiya: the art and culture project. (Slobology)

The book is recommended for reading by everyone who considers him/herself "an intelligent person", "the elite of the nation", "the soul of the people", "the one who knows the truth", and, eventually, for everyone who has asked him/herself this questions: "Why has Ukraine always had the issues about the history and about the welfare?"
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Leonidas Donskis. Vlada ta uyava. Studies in politics and literature. (Power and imagination)

In his book, Leonidas Donskis analyzes the link between the power and imagination, politics and literature, between the principles of reality and fiction. Where are the roots of the political consciousness? In what way does our understanding of political power and usage of it start with literature?..
Domestic price: 116.64UAH, International price: $17.28USD

Leonid Plyusch. Ekzod Tarasa Shevchenka. (The Exodus of Taras Shevchenko)

The first book of the "Selected Works" by Leonid Plyusch contains his landmark work "The Exodus of Taras Shevchenko", which in due time made a breakthrough in Shevchenko studies and became an important tool for further philological and structuralist research. Published in Ukraine for the first time.
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Varenka and Olivier Marc. Dytyna, scho sebe narodzhue. (The Child Giving Birth to Herself)

When a child starts walking, she starts drawing. What does she tell us? Maybe, that she knows everything about her past: the conception, the cellular and embryonic life. That in the first months of her existence, she continues remembering everything. When drawing, a child masters her history starts owning it...
Domestic price: 60.21UAH, International price: $8.92USD

Oksana Zabuzhko. Z mapy knyh i lyudey. (From the Map of Books and People)

The first person narrative, subtly interwoven mixed genres of a memoir, review, biography, philosophical reflection and a cultural study will make this book appealing to anyone who has a taste for thoughtful reading...
Domestic price: 100.71UAH, International price: $14.92USD

Volodymyr Pavliv. U poshukakh Halychyny /journalism and essays/. (In Search of Galicia)

All of these articles share the same theme Galicia. In his works, the author consistently advocates the theory of mental and cultural "separateness" of Galicia and refers to the imaginary Galician people.
Domestic price: 67.16UAH, International price: $9.95USD

Georgiy Pocheptsov. Vid Facebooku i glamuru do Wikileaks: mediakomunikatsii. (From Facebook and Glamour to Wikileaks: Media Communications)

The book examines new media phenomena that shape the modern life from Facebook and glamour to WikiLeaks and election campaigns. It considers the processes of creating happiness in social media and in public administration. Particular attention is paid to the new media specialtie...
Domestic price: 93.96UAH, International price: $13.92USD

Yuriy Shevelyov. Narys suchasnoi ukrajinskoi literaturnoi movy ta inshi linhvistychni stusiji. (Sketch of the Ukrainian Literary Language and Other Linguistic Studies)

This book contains linguistic studies of the Western European period by outstanding Ukrainian researcher Yuri Shevelyov. Among them the thorough work "Sketch of the Ukrainian Literary Language", which was a significant achievement for the national linguistics, articles on the issue of the history of the Ukrainian language, and a number of reviews.
Domestic price: 154.71UAH, International price: $22.92USD

Janusz Korczak. Dytya lyudske: selected writings. /second edition/. (A Child of Man)

"A Child of Man" is selected works by famous Polish writer, doctor, and educator Janusz Korczak, which are published in Ukrainian for the first time. The texts from different genres collected under the title composed by the editor help to visualize Korczak's child-centered philosophy developed in the cruel twentieth century...
Domestic price: 116.64UAH, International price: $17.28USD

Andriy Baumeister. Bilya dzherel myslennya i buttya. Selected Philosophical Essays. (At the Sources of Thinking and Being)

The offered book is an experience of getting closer to sources of thinking and being with the assistance of masters of the philosophical and theological thought. The book consists of several thematic sections. The first one is focused on exploration of the impact of Christianity on formation of the European tradition...
Domestic price: 116.64UAH, International price: $17.28USD

Ola Hnatiuk. Mizh literaturoyu i politykoyu. Essays and Interludes. (Between Literature and Politics)

The central theme is interaction between the field of literature and politics in the context of the Ukrainian and Polish histories of the 20 cent. The focus is on the impact of policies on the cultural life: from total state control over all areas of creativity, through the seemingly neutral stance of it, towards the policies of memory and oblivion.
Domestic price: 98.62UAH, International price: $14.61USD

Martin Buber. Ya i Ty. Shlyakh lyudyny za khasydskym vchennyam. (Me and Thou. The Human Path in Hasidic Teachings)

This book is a meeting with the world of ideas of Martin Buber, a philosopher, thinker, and writer, whose power of thought defined intellectual paths in the twentieth century. The book includes two texts by the philosopher "Me and Thou" and "The Human Path in Hasidic Teachings".
Domestic price: 80.66UAH, International price: $11.95USD

Bruno Schulz. Knyha lystiv. (Book of Letters)

Bruno Schulz, who all through his life lived in Drohobych and died there in the hands of Nazis during the Shoah, was an outstanding epistolographist. His letters were often an impetus for future short stories, they are a great examples of the prose of magical realism. "Book of Letters" is a collection of all surviving letters to friends, colleagues and partner...
Domestic price: 80.66UAH, International price: $11.95USD

Bruno Schulz. Literaturno-krytychni narysy. (Literary and Critical Essays)

...Bruno Schulz appears as a philosopher and literary theorist who created an original concept of literary work, offered his own toolbox of analytical reading and perception of the literary text.
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Bohdan Rubchak. Mity metamorfoz, abo Poshuky dobroho svitu. (Myths of Metamorphoses, or Search for a Good World)

The book of essays by one of the most intellectual representatives of the New York group for the first time in Ukraine presents his extremely bright and significant elaborations in the field of literary studies. This book is a fascinating intellectual journey into the mysterious world of the Ukrainian poetry and the Ukrainian spirit.
Domestic price: 112.12UAH, International price: $16.61USD

Kyrylo Halushko. Peoples, Ethnic Groups, Nations... Find Any Differences. The "Likbez-Abetka" series.

Knowing differences among the concepts of "ethnic group", "people", "nation" is essential not only for understanding events of the past, but also to realize the logic of contemporary political and social processes. In the book, the reader will find answers to the questions that often arise in everyday life not only among ordinary citizen...
Domestic price: 60.21UAH, International price: $8.92USD

My ne ye ukrajinofilamy. The Polish political thought about Ukraine and Ukrainians. (We Are Not Ukrainophiles)

The anthology contains texts by Polish political thinkers of the 1890s-1980s focusing on Ukrainian-Polish relations, the problem of Ukrainians' and Poles' coexistence in lands of the ethnic borderland, the issue of Ukraine's independence and possible scenarios for development of relations between Ukraine and Poland as independent states.
Domestic price: 116.64UAH, International price: $17.28USD

Vasyl Gabor. Vid Dzhoysa do Chubaya. (From Joyce to Chubay)

It all starts with love, and in the case of Vasyl Gabor love for the Word and its masters writers. This book is a summary of years of observations and reflections of V.Gabor about writers of the past and present, this is the world of his artistic interests that exists between the two poles James Joyce and Hrytsko Chubay, Dublin and Lviv.
Domestic price: 89.64UAH, International price: $13.28USD

Anna-Lena Lauren. U nykh shchos neharazd z holovoyu, u tykh rosiyan. (Those Russians, Something's Wrong with Their Head)

Lauren believes that there is nothing offensive about the title of her book. This can be compared with the French expression "Ils sont fous", but in a good sense. The book was translated into Finnish and Russian, and in Russia readers perceived it ambiguously. And now the Ukrainian reader will have the opportunity to better understand those Russian...
Domestic price: 85.12UAH, International price: $12.61USD

Vira Aheyeva. Poetyka paradoksa. Intellectual Prose by Viktor Petrov-Domontovych. (Poetics of Paradox)

Creativity by Viktor Petrov-Domontovych, one of the most interesting and mysterious Ukrainian writers of the 20th century, who was named the Sphinx and the Mephistopheles of our literature, is analyzed in the broad context of establishment and development of modernism, including intellectual prose.
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Kostyantyn Moskalets. Hra tryvaye. (Game Goes On)

In these days, when even poetry is perceived hastily and in a hurry, as if in the pop music rhythm, the author reminds us about other music, another approach unhurried and thoughtful reading and experiencing of the poetic text. Poetry for Moskalets is a wonder, and above all a mystery that requires not a clue but involvement...
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Leonid Ushkalov. Skovoroda and Others: comments to the history of the Ukrainian literature.

The new book by the Professor Leonid Ushkalov includes two dozen articles, essays and reviews on various aspects of the Ukrainian literary and intellectual tradition from antiquity to the present, including works by Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko, Dmytro Chyzhevsky, Yuri Shevelyov, Oksana Zabuzhko et al.
Domestic price: 87.21UAH, International price: $12.92USD

Helena Roerich. Try klyucha /Try klyuchi. (Bilingual). (Three Keys)

The name of Elena Ivanovna Roerich is opening to the world more and more not only as that of an original philosopher, but also as of a talented teacher, enlightener and educator. The essay by E.I. Roerich "Three Key" offered to the reader represents only a small part of her diverse creative legacy. Above all, it is addressed to youth.
Domestic price: 67.16UAH, International price: $9.95USD

Yuriy Shevelyov. Selected Works. Book II: Literaturoznavstvo. /second edition/. (Literary Studies)

The second book of "Selected Works" by Yuri Shevelyov contains exploration and essays that offer an idea about ​​the scope of his interests and the depth of interpretation of the Ukrainian literature, arts, theater phenomena. It was only after Ukraine obtained independence that publications of his works started appearing, and the need for them increases.
Domestic price: 154.71UAH, International price: $22.92USD

Larysa Masenko. Surzhyk: mizh movoju i jazykom. (Between a language and tongue)

The book highlights the history of emergence, spreading and current existence of the mixed Ukrainian-Russian forms of spoken language known as "surzhik". As a specific phenomenon of the linguistic life of Ukraine, surzhik is considered not only in the linguistic aspect, but also in the socio-cultural and psycholinguistic ones.
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Ponomariv O. Kultura slova: movnostylistychni porady. /fourth edition, supplemented/. (Culture of the Word: language styles recommendations)

The book offers recommendations on the choice of words, pronunciation, accentuation and morphological options, syntactic constructions for the best expression of a thought in different styles of the literary Ukrainian.
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Oksana Zabuzhko. Chronicles from Fortinbras. Selected essays. /fourth edition/.

The book by the famous author consists of selected essays, speeches and lectures devoted to various aspects of the contemporary global cultural crisis. In the spotlight of the author's attention the culture of the Ukrainian society "on the verge": post-totalitarian, post-communist, post-colonial and, according to O.Zabuzhko, "post-tragic"...
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Oksana Zabuzhko. Shevchenkiv mif Ukrainy. Attempt of philosophical analysis. /fourth edition/. (Shevchenko's Myth of Ukraine)

What is still the reason of the ever enigmatic absoluteness of the figure of Shevchenko in the Ukrainian spiritual culture? On which self-image did he program Ukraine with his myth, in the New Time culture the closest typologically to that of Dante? What metaphysical senses of earthly history remain encoded in Shevchenko's text?..
Domestic price: 80.46UAH, International price: $11.92USD

Oksana Zabuzhko. Notre Dame dUkraine: Ukrainka v konflikti mifolohiy. /third edition, supplemented/. (Ukrainka in the Conflict of Mythologies)

Who are we Ukraine or Small Russia? Europe or Russia? Is Ukrainian religion the same thing as Byzantine orthodoxy? Where did Templar knights come from to the Dnipro banks? What secret were "secret communities" of Small Russia nobility of the 19th century keeping? Were from the Grail legend appeared encoded in the "Forest Song"? How and are Ukrainians actually a "peasant nation"?
Domestic price: 127.71UAH, International price: $18.92USD

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Oksana Zabuzhko. I znov ya vlizayu v tank... (And I Get Into the Tank Again)
Zabuzhko. And I Get Into the Tank Again
Domestic: 174.96UAH
International: $25.92USD
Anthology of the Modern Ukrainian Literature for Children to Read at the 3rd, 4th Years of Studies.
Anthology of the Modern Ukrainian Literature (3rd, 4th Years)
Domestic: 89.64UAH
International: $13.28USD
Yuriy Kosach. Den hnivu. (The Day of Wrath)
The Day of Wrath
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Lviv  misto natkhnennya. Literatura. /artistic encyclopedic guide+map /. (Lviv  the Inspiration City. Literature)
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