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Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 157.30UAH
International: $14.30USD
Kyiv Ethno Trio. Kyiv Ethno Trio. /digi-pack/.
Kyiv Ethno Trio
Domestic: 201.30UAH
International: $18.30USD
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Victor Pavlik. 315 Minutes of Music. (mp3).

Reviews (3)
Victor Pavlik. 315 Minutes of Music. (mp3).
As known, Victor Pavlik has virtually the most extensive discography among our variety art performers. That is why, sure, it is practically impossible to include all of his albums, even in the mp3 format, into one disc. Consequently, compilers of the collection represented here chose another and, probably, the right way. On the disc, you will find all the albums that reflect the brightest periods of Victor Pavlik's creative biography from participation in the group Anna-Maria and till nowadays. Thus, you will find here exactly those songs and albums that brought glory and the deserved love of the enormous audience to the singer due to which his popularity does not calm down as time passes. Victor Pavlik even today, as once, is one of the most demanded performers on our scene. In the end, it is not surprising not many performers are able to add a smile even to sad songs as he is. In other words, he is able to mix very cheerful music cocktails and this is a very valuable skill, isn't it?
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Publisher: Lavina Music
Catalogue number: LM CD 485
Year: 2007

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Victor Pavlik

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1.  Shchaslyvyy den
2.  Smutok
3. Mp3Ty podobajeshsja meni
4. Mp3Nove zhyttja
5.  Podaruy
6.  Ne kazhy proshchay
7.  Ja kochu buty z toboju
8.  Ukrajina
9.  Pro tebe
10.  Mamyna krynytsja
11. Mp3Kvity dlja tebe
12. Mp3Chorni okuljary
13.  Pryydy i zrozumiy
14.  Kolyskova
15.  Muzyka kokhannja
16.  Sonjachnyy zaychyk
17.  Ballada
18. Mp3Shykydym
19. Mp3Ty podobajeshsja meni
20. Mp3Jana
21.  Ostannja myt
22.  Dala meni, dala
23.  Ni obitsjanok, ni probachen
24.  Leyla
25. Mp3Pamjatay
26.  Shu slovo vorozhby
27. Mp3Pisnja je odna (live bonus track)
28.  Jana (live bonus track)
  Afiny Kyjiv Istanbul
29. Mp3Afiny Kyjiv Istanbul
30.  Khay bude tak
31.  Nerozhadana Ameryka
32.  Snihova zavisa
33.  Zacharovanyy svit
34. Mp3Pisnja pro tebe
35. Mp3Shchaslyvyy den
36. Mp3Smutok
37.  Bo v sni vidlitaju
38.  Dyvna nich
39.  Rozbeshchenyy (Shymaryk)
40.  Summer Airlines Mix
41.  Shykydym
42.  Shykydym
43. Mp3Divchyna-Sontse
44.  Ja znaju vse
45.  Zrada
46.  Tak ne buvaje
47.  Skazhy navishcho
48. Mp3Son tvojikh mriy
49. Mp3Ty povir
50.  Ne zabuvay
51.  Muzyka kokhannja
52.  Bud shcho bude
53.  Lora
54. Mp3Zalyshys
55.  Dyvo
56.  Vse znaju ja
57.  Ty podobajeshsja meni
58.  Ja znaju vse
  Bili cheremkhy
59.  Bili cheremkhy
60. Mp3Mynaje den
61.  Svitku miy vysokyy
62. Mp3Vodohray
63.  Mamyna krynytsja
64.  Dva kolory
65. Mp3Stozhary
66.  Chornobryvtsi
67.  Chujesh, mamo
68.  Vse mynulo
69. Mp3Synooki solov'ji
70.  Kashtanovyy vals
71. Mp3Kolyskova
72.  Zacharovanyy svit
73.  Pisnja pro tebe
74.  Jakshcho ljubysh kokhay
  Djakujuchy Bohu
75.  Molytva. Pasha Pavlik
76. Mp3Rizdvjana
77.  Djakujuchy Bohu
78.  Naykrashchyy den
79.  Alliluyja
80.  Ty vira moja i ljubov
81.  Virsh pro mamu. Pasha Pavlik
82. Mp3Kolyskova
83.  U Boha shchyro virju ja
84.  Nova radist stala
85.  Tvorets i Spas
86.  Z Bohom...
87.  Tvorets i Spas (cover version)
88.  Bez Ljubovi sontse hasne
89.  Molytva. Pasha Pavlik
90.  Ljubovju svit Ty spas
91.  Naykrashchyy den (remix)
  Kimnata v seredyni moho sertsja
92.  Intro
93.  Hrishna i zemna
94. Mp3Pidmanula
95. Mp3Dyvna nich
96. Mp3Okhota
97.  Anna Marija (Rio)
98.  Ty zhyvesh u sertsi mojim
99.  Mudrist nenadiynosti
100.  Ty odna
101.  Spohad
102. Mp3Toy den
103.  Khvyli
104. Mp3Vpershe
105.  Bilyy den
106.  Jak ja khochu buty z toboju
107.  Shykydym (live)
108.  Mriji pro tebe
109.  I saw my coming day (1994)
110.  Stay away from your grief
111.  Outro
112. Mp3Nema z kym
113.  Vse mynulo
114.  Zalyshys na myt
115.  Ne zabuvay
116.  Skazhy navishcho
117.  Zrada
118.  Ja znaju vse
119. Mp3Divchyna-Sontse
120.  Jakshcho ljubysh - kokhay
121.  Lora
122.  Bili cheremkhy
123.  Bo v sni vidlitaju
124.  Leyla
125.  Nerozhadana Ameryka
126. Mp3Afiny-Kyjiv-Istanbul
127.  Jana
128. Mp3Ty podobajeshsja meni
129. Mp3Shykydym
130.  Ni obitsjanok, ni probachen

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Reviews (3)

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