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Oksana Zabuzhko. Yak rubaly vyshnevy sad, abo Dovha doroha z Bad-Emsa. (How the Cherry Orchard Was Cut Down, or the Long Road from Bad Ems)
Zabuzhko. How the Cherry Orchard Was Cut Down..
Domestic: 141.90UAH
International: $12.90USD
Oksana Zabuzhko. Virshi 1980-2013. /second edition/. (Poems)
Zabuzhko. Poems 1980-2013
Domestic: 218.90UAH
International: $19.90USD
Kyiv Ethno Trio. Kyiv Ethno Trio. /digi-pack/.
Kyiv Ethno Trio
Domestic: 201.30UAH
International: $18.30USD
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Valeriy Shevchuk. Four Novels.

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Valeriy Shevchuk. Four Novels.
"The parable novel "Na poli smyrennomu" (On the Humble Field) – one of the most important works by the writer – traces the epoch of the young Ukrainian Christianity in its confrontation with paganism against the background of painful conflicts between the church dogma and actual life.

"Oko prirvy" (The Eye of the Abyss) is a dystopian novel written after the collapse of the USSR. Any attempt to serve one or another ideological system sooner or later fails, because the human nature with its immeasurable Divine principle cannot be fit into the frame of ideological schemes created by the human mind. The novel vividly depicts the orthodox culture of the Middle Ages.
The author speaks about relativity of all things, except for the good and evil, in an amazingly plastic way, with subtle transitions from the real to the unreal, in his most eerie and, at the same time, the most positive story "Mor" (Pest).
The primordial concept of the sin and punishment for it unfolds the discursive plot of the novel "Spovid‘" (Confession) with a Skovoroda-style motive of the truth – the golden bird that must be looked for, but not caught..."
In Ukrainian
Type of the edition: hard cover
Format: 128x200 mm
Number of pages: 768
Publisher: A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA, Kyiv

I. Na poli smyrennomu (Roman)

- Rozdil 1 pro te, chomu ja pochav pysaty tsju knyhu

- Rozdil 2, v jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro bisnuvatoho

- Rozdil 3, v jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro Jeremiju Prozorlyvoho

- Rozdil 4, v jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro Svjatoshu, kolyshn‘oho knjazja chernihivs‘koho

- Rozdil 5, v jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro Prokhora, kotryy robyv khlib iz lobody, a z popelu - sil‘

- Rozdil 6, v jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro Isakija, do jakoho Khrystos prykhodyv

- Rozdil 7, v jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro Teofila, kotryy shchodnja smerti sobi chekav

- Rozdil 8, v jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro Ahapita-likarja ta pro virmenyna

- Rozdil 9, v jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro bahato terpelyvoho Ioanna-zatvornyka, jakyy iz plottju svojeju borovsja

- Rozdil 10, v jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro Hryhorija, jakyy dyva tvoryv i khlopiv tym samym dlja monastyrja zdobuvav

- Rozdil 11, v jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro Fedora i doradnyka yoho Vasylja

- Rozdil 12, zavershal‘nyy, pro te, jak ja pid sud bratiji potrapyv

II. Oko prirvy (Roman)

- Rozdil 1, u jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro rishennja yty u polis‘ki lisy

- Rozdil 2, u jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro mojikh spivpodorozhan

- Rozdil 3, u jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro nashu pershu zupynku u mistechku Chernjakhovi

- Rozdil 4, u jakomu podajet‘sja opovidka pro odne iz chud, rozkazana Sozontom-dyjakonom

- Rozdil 5, u jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro prodovzhennja mandrivky

- Rozdil 6, u jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja, jak chentsja Pavla morduvav bis

- Rozdil 7, u jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro zustrich zi shche odnym spivpodorozhanynom, Kuz‘moju

- Rozdil 8, u jakomu Pavlo opovidaje pro chudo, jake vin niby bachyv svojimy ochyma v Karpats‘kykh horakh

- Rozdil 9, u jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro podal‘shu mandrivku

- Rozdil 10, u jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro kukharja Kalistrata, jakyy pobuvav u raju

- Rozdil 11, u jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro junaka, providnyka nashoho, i pro te, jak my rushyly iz nym do bolota

- Rozdil 12, u jakomu podajet‘sja opovidka junaka pro Mykytu Stovpnyka, tobto jak vin Stovpnykom stav

- Rozdil 13, u jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja, jak my perekhodyly boloto

- Rozdil 14, u jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro ostriv, de perebuvav Mykyta zi svojimy uchnjamy

- Rozdil 15, u jakomu perepovidajet‘sja rozmova mandrovantsiv i jikhni osmyslennja toho, shcho udijalosja, podajet‘sja monoloh Sozonta pro hru y opysujet‘sja trapezna, vecherja na ostrovi

- Rozdil 16, u jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro znayomstvo z karlykom Musijem i pro vechirni balachky

- Rozdil 17, u jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro druhu zustrich iz karlykom Musijem i nichni ta rankovi pryhody na ostrovi

- Rozdil 18, u jakomu perepovidajet‘sja rankova kazan‘ Mykyty i pro te, jak vin z namy besiduvav

- Rozdil 19, u jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja pro shche odnu rozmovu Sozonta iz uchnjamy Mykytynymy i pro yoho sprobu osmyslyty Mykytyni pryrechennja

- Rozdil 20, u jakomu opovidajet‘sja, jak my provely druhyy den‘ na ostrovi

- Rozdil 21, u jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja, jak urjatuvav mene Sozont od zmiji i pro chytannja zhytija svjatoho Mykyty

- Rozdil 22, u jakomu opysujet‘sja zshest Mykyty zi stovpa i yoho khid po ostrovi ta y pro inshi podiji tsijeji nochi

- Rozdil 23, u jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja, jak my perekhodyly cherez Oko Prirvy

- Rozdil 24, u jakomu rozpovidajet‘sja, jak ja perebyravsja cherez boloto

- Epiloh

III. Mor (Povist‘)

- Rozdil 1. Stranniy

- Rozdil 2. Chernets‘ Hryhoriy. Rozprava pro temrjavu

- Rozdil 3. Stranniy

- Rozdil 4. Sironosyy

- Rozdil 5. Stranniy

- Rozdil 6. SUD. Rozprava pro svitlo

- Rozdil 7. Stranniy

- Rozdil 8. Sironosyy

- Rozdil 9. Stranniy

IV. Spovid‘ (Povist‘)

- Rozdil 1. LJuT‘:

Do spovidi \\ Rozpovid‘ prybul‘tsja \\ Shcho bulo potim \\ U lisi \\ Do spovidi \\ Rozpovid‘ prybul‘tsja \\ Znovu v lisi \\ Zapysy panottsja z Haponivky \\ Rozpovid‘ prybul‘tsja \\ Do spovidi \\ Rozpovid‘ prybul‘tsja \\ Zapysy haponivs‘koho panottsja \\ Rozpovid‘ prybul‘tsja \\ Zapysy haponivs‘koho svjashchenyka \\ Rozpovid‘ prybul‘tsja

- Rozdil 2. SUMLINNJa:

Rozpovid‘ prybul‘tsja \\ Zapysy haponivs‘koho panottsja \\ Rozpovid‘ prybul‘tsja \\ Holos \\ Zapysy haponivs‘koho panottsja \\ Rozpovid‘ prybul‘tsja \\ Do spovidi \\ Zapysy haponivs‘koho panottsja \\ Rozpovid‘ prybul‘tsja \\ Zhraja

- Rozdil 3. KAJaTTJa:

Rozpovid‘ prybul‘tsja \\ Do spovidi \\ Rozpovid‘ prybul‘tsja \\ Do spovidi \\ Rozpovid‘ prybul‘tsja \\ Do spovidi \\ Prybulets‘

- Rajisa Movchan. Dukhovnyy khram Valerija Shevchuka

Publisher: A-BA-BA-HA-LA-MA-HA
Catalogue number: ISBN 9786175850435
Year: 2013

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Valeriy Shevchuk

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Michael M. Naydan. Sim znakiv leva, abo mahia Leopolisa. (The Seven Signs of the Lion, or the Magic of Leopolis)

American researcher of Ukrainian descent, Nicholas, finds himself in Leopolis and tries to find and necessarily read the mystical seven signs of the lion, which he saw in a dream. He persistently looks for them, becoming increasingly aware of that this is a city of his dreams, which makes him more sensitive and emotional...
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Yuri Andrukhovych. Kokhantsi Yustytsii. (Lovers of Justice)

This is a paranormal novel, where individual biographies are masterfully combined as an artistic whole, and they really appeal for a 8.5-part cinematic realization. Domestic murders and political assassinations, ideological betrayals and betrayals for the sake of ideas, souls sold to various devils, and punishments – not always fair, but frequently terrible...
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Vasyl Shklyar. Troscha. (Wreck)

"Troscha" is a novel about the UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army), about one's victory over circumstances and over oneself. The author himself says that he wrote the book in order to show the world that Ukrainians have not conformed with the regime and continue struggling as they did before. New from the author of the bestsellers "Zalyshenets" (Outcast) and "Marusya"!
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Panas Myrny. Poviya. (The Loose Woman)

The publication was prepared by Taras Shevchenko Institute of Literature. A book one wants to read and re-read, a piece of great artistic value, one of the best social and psychological novels in the Ukrainian literature of the 19th century.
Domestic price: 152.90UAH, International price: $13.90USD

Oleksandr Zhovna. Solodka ilyuzia zhyttya. (The Sweet Illusion of Life)

...a story of two couples in love. One of them not quite ordinary, while the other – absolutely unordinary. It is as hard to believe it as it is hard not to believe. It is as tragic as it is light, as touching as it is violent. The narrative's absolute accessibility, sometimes its graceful ease hide the complex, sometimes unfathomable depths of human relationships.
Domestic price: 113.30UAH, International price: $10.30USD

Vasyl Shklyar. Marusya.

As well as in the "Black Raven", a historical fact looms behind every event here. The battle path of chieftain Marusya gets closely intertwined with the fate of the Ukrainian Galician Army, which in the late summer of 1919 liberated Kyiv from Muscovite Bolshevik invaders, but with the whim of the evil fate it found itself on the verge of complete destruction.
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Anton Kopynets. Ivan Syla na prizvysko "Kroton". (Ivan Might, Nicknamed "Croton")

Ivan Might's exceptional physical capacity, apparently, determined his destiny rich in adventures, good friends, and insidious enemies; he encountered a great love, and a true Teacher... With the circus name Croton, he won duels with the strongest people from three continents and was recognized the mightiest individual in the planet.
Domestic price: 102.30UAH, International price: $9.30USD

Volodymyr Danylenko. Hrozy nad Turovtsem: simeyni khronoky. (Storms over Turovets: Family Chronicles)

...The book includes, in particular, short stories of Turovets cycle, where chronicles of one corner of the Eastern Volyn are combined into a regional myth that reflects the most significant spiritual issues and searches of the modern individual.
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Yuri Andrukhovych. Taemnytsya. (Mystery)

For seven days, Yuri Andruhovych was telling a German journalists about the most intimate things of his life. Only the recorder was a witness to these conversations. After a while, the journalist died, and from the transcribed dictaphone recordings there emerged the protagonist of the book...
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Roman Ivanychuk. Mandrivky do Aberfaylyu. (Trips to Aberfoyle)

The new book by Roman Ivanychuk is a diary, but it is different than the previous one, published a few years ago. It is less politicized, it is dominated by warmth and love, and each entry is an interesting alloy of journalistic and artistic reflections of the author about people close to him and about the fate of Ukraine.
Domestic price: 130.90UAH, International price: $11.90USD

Oleh Chornohuz. "Aristocrat" from Vapnyarka.

At the time of the so-called stagnation, this sparkling and sharply social work with a distinctly Ukrainian national profile was a joyful outlet for hundreds of thousands of readers, who saw in it a grotesque and truthful reflection of their reality, as well as talented continuation of the comic traditions by Stepan Rudansky and Ostap Vyshnya...
Domestic price: 108.90UAH, International price: $9.90USD

Bohdan Boychuk. Mitolohia Karpat/ Hutsulska zrada. (Mythology of the Carpathians / Hutsul Betrayal)

The essence of the new book by Bohdan Boychuk can be conveyed with his own poetic lines: "At the edge of spring \ trembitas propped up the sky \ at the edge of spring \ the moon poured from the cask \ light of the mountains \ at the edge of spring \ the sun spread its roots into the ground \ at the edge of spring \ we fell in love."
Domestic price: 119.90UAH, International price: $10.90USD

Volodymyr Danylenko. Tini v majetku Tarnovskykh. (Shadows of the Tarnovsky's Estate)

The book by the famous Ukrainian prose writer includes the works in which he explores relationships between a man and a woman in the modern world, with their keen sense of selfishness, loneliness, and deficit of love...
Domestic price: 130.90UAH, International price: $11.90USD

Roman Ivanychuk. Khresna proscha. (Cross Pilgrimage)

"Grass will wither, trees will dry out, rich soil will become dead clay, and even if people lose their state and warriors turn into rogues, the Tale will forever wake up those sleeping and will not let those awake fall asleep!" These words are one of leitmotifs of the book, in which history of the time of Danylo Halytsky, his son Lev and the famous bard Mytusa comes back to life, and which displays the period of Khrushchev thaw...
Domestic price: 130.90UAH, International price: $11.90USD

Valeriy Shevchuk. Dim na hori. /second edition/. (House on the Hill)

"A new (full) edition of the novel by the outstanding contemporary Ukrainian writer." It is this – and only this – that the publisher indicated in the annotation. Perhaps because this is one of the most famous and the best novels in the Ukrainian literature, at least in the latest 50 years, or even more.
Domestic price: 163.90UAH, International price: $14.90USD

Vasyl Shklyar. Zalyshenets‘ /Chorny Voron. (Outcast/ Black Raven)

They were called bandits, gangsters, thugs and even in curses and anathemas they forbade to mention their names. In order to kill in the memory of the subdued masses the idea for which the rebels sacrificed their young lives. On their battle black flag there was the inscription "Freedom of Ukraine or Death"...
Domestic price: 163.90UAH, International price: $14.90USD

Volodymyr Danylenko. Kapelyukh Sikors‘koho. (Sikorsky's Hat)

Saturated with the real facts that reveal the biography of the outstanding personality and the epoch's character, the novel "Sikorsky's Hat" is a story of love, which was transformed into infatuation with aircrafts. It is to this unknown page in the secret life of the designer-to-be with a woman that the world must be grateful for appearance of the helicopter.
Domestic price: 124.30UAH, International price: $11.30USD

Kostyantyn Moskalets. Dosvid koronatsii. Selected works. (Coronation Experience)

The author of the known poetry and essay books, popular songs and the most famous of them – "Vona" performed by "Plach Yeremii", the writer, philosopher and hermit similar to Hermann Hesse, Kostyantyn Moskalets lives and works in Makiyivka village near Baturin, every time amazing his fans with original piece...
Domestic price: 119.90UAH, International price: $10.90USD

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Mykola Riabchuk. Leksykon natsionalista ta inshi eseji. (A Nationalist's Lexicon and Other Essays)
Riabchuk. A Nationalist's Lexicon and Other Essays
Domestic: 135.30UAH
International: $12.30USD
Mykola Hohol. Vechornytsi na khutori bilya Dykanky. /art book, transl. by Yu.Vynnychuk/. (Gatherings on a Farm near Dykanka)
Hohol. /art book, transl. by Yu.Vynnychuk
Domestic: 273.90UAH
International: $24.90USD
Halyna Pahutyak. Putivnyk rozgublenykh. (The Guidebook for the Confused)
Pahutyak. The Guidebook for the Confused
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Tamara Martseniuk. "Zakhysnyky halaktyky": vlada i kryza v cholovichomu sviti. ("Defenders of the Galaxy": the power and crisis in the male world)
the power and crisis in the male world
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