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Yuri Andrukhovych. Kokhantsi Yustytsii. (Lovers of Justice)
Andrukhovych. Lovers of Justice
Domestic: 238.93UAH
International: $21.92USD
"AgiaDimitra" male choir. Kolyada. /digi-pack/. (The Christmas Carol)
a holiday in the heart
Domestic: 140.83UAH
International: $12.92USD
LBB. Lemko Bluegrass Band. /digi-pack/.
Carpathian bluegrass
Domestic: 140.83UAH
International: $12.92USD
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Oleh Kryshtopa. Olha Kalinovska. Heroi (ne)viyny. (Heroes of (Not)War)

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Oleh Kryshtopa. Olha Kalinovska. Heroi (ne)viyny. (Heroes of (Not)War)
"Every event of this war, which will later be analyzed by military analysts and strategists – the Crimea in spring 2014 and Donetsk, Karachun Hill, DAP, Ilovaisk and Debaltseve – implies hundreds of lives of their immediate participants: those alive, who will personally speak about themselves in these pages, and the dead, who will speak through their relatives and sworn friends. The feat of pilots of the naval aviation brigade in Novo-Fedorivka, who rescued unique military equipment in the Crimea; stories of Donetsk "ultras", which formed the basis of the voluntary battalion "Donbas"... And the other side of this war – political and financial deals and what is referred to as "non-combat losses". Without mythologizing, dancing on the bones, with sweat and blood. This book is direct speech of those who have done enough for Ukraine to finally be heard."
In Ukrainian.
Type of the edition: hard cover
Format: 128x200 mm
Number of pages: 304
Publisher: Bookclub, Kharkiv


- Krasnopillja

Rozdil 1. Krym

- Tymur

- Podvyh aviatoriv 3 bereznja 2014-ho

- Metro do Kybyntsiv i heroji-rozvidnyky

- Himn

- Juriy Ivanovych Leshchenko

- Makhno

Rozdil 2. Donbas. Pochatok

- Mynule

- Sten i yoho komanda

- Partyzany ul‘tras

Rozdil 3. Slov'jans‘k

- Volodymyr Rybak

- Pershyy biy

- Muchenyky

- "Al‘fa"

- Hora Karachun

- Heneral

- Slov'jans‘k. Postskryptum

Rozdil 4. Dobrovol‘tsi

- Semen

- Petro

- Zhenja

- Zodchyy

- Student

- Sud

- 5 veresnja. "Aydar"

- Voskresinnja

- Dobrovolets‘

Rozdil 5. Na viyni jak na viyni (DAP, kordon i Savur-mohyla)

- Aeroport. Taran ¹ 1

- Narodnyy heroy

- Bat‘ko-syrota

- Tankovyy taran

- Temur Juldashev

Rozdil 6. Rosiys‘ki slidy na Donbasi

- Zahartuvannja bojem ta zhyvi misheni

- "Vydno, shcho navcheni. B'jut‘ duzhe tochno"

- Za 150 metriv vid voroha

Rozdil 7. Ilovays‘k. Proyty y vyzhyty

- Ilovays‘k. Vyzhyvannja jak dyvo

- Patriot z okupovanoji terytoriji

- "Bishut". Neymovirna istorija porjatunku

Rozdil 8. Debal‘tseve

- Rukh

- Lehioner

- Kolja Volkov

Rozdil 9. Zakhysnyky. Portrety

- Optymist iz Kryvoho Rohu

- "Ja ni pro shcho ne shkoduju..."

- Vovcha robota

- "Usi v niy zhyvemo. U tsiy krajini"

- "Budynok Pavlova" i ukrajins‘kyy prapor u "siriy" zoni

- "Khto khovajet‘sja, toy ne ukrajinets‘"

- To doshch, to "hrad"

- "Prosti ljudy, taki sami, jak my..."

- "Pidete na dembel‘ – sumuvaty budete"

- "Khochet‘sja jak doomu, tak i sjudy"

Rozdil 10. Syla spetsial‘nykh operatsiy

Rozdil 11. Budni "nichnoji" viyny

- "Toshiba"

- Chornyy humor

- Zaytseve

- Budni viyny

- Rezo

- Kolja Volkov u Stanytsi Luhans‘kiy

- Mistsevi

Rozdil 12. Zhinka i viyna

- Shvydka psykholohichna dopomoha

- A tam strakhu vzhe nemaje

Rozdil 13. Braty po viyni

- My jikh hodujemo, vony nas – likujut‘

- Zakhysnyky y zakhyshcheni

- Mistsevi pokydaly, a nam hoduvaty

- Na n‘oho podyvljusja – i vzhe jakos‘ lehshe

Rozdil 14. Povernennja

- Pisljamova

Publisher: BookClub
Catalogue number: ISBN 9786171216358
Year: 2016

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Oleh Kryshtopa

Domestic price: 97.23UAH
International price: $8.92USD
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Georgiy Pocheptsov. Vid pokemoniv do hibrydnykh viyn: novi komunikatyvni tekhnolohii XXI st. (From Pokemon to Hybrid Wars: new communication technologies in the 21st century)

While the old technologies built the vertical of power or religion, where the voice from below could not be heard on the top, modern technologies make it possible for everyone to be heard. This constitutes a rather serious test for the authorities, because they are accustomed to that only they are heard..
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Georgiy Pocheptsov. Smysly i viyny: Ukraina i Rosia v informatsiyniy i smysloviy viynakh. (Meanings and Wars: Ukraine and Russia in the information war and the war of meanings)

The book is focused ob information wars and information semantic ones. Information warfare works on facts, as a result we receive facts that are false or even totally opposite to reality. The war of meanings works on interpretations based on the existing model of the world, while facts may be subject to change at the level of interpretations.
Domestic price: 199.25UAH, International price: $18.28USD

Georgiy Pocheptsov. Suchasni informatsijni viyny. /third supplemented and revised edition/. (Modern information wars)

In his book, Georgiy Pocheptsov systemically presents the history of emergence and development of the information warfare methodology and explains differences among the American, British, and Russian models. The concept of the war of meanings is introduced for the first time, and its role in the modern world is analyzed.
Domestic price: 199.25UAH, International price: $18.28USD

Volodymyr Rafeenko. Dovhi chasy. (Long Hours)

This is a city ballad, a tale for adults about life and death in times of war, where the phantasmagoric and the irreal are interspersed with reality. The novel consists of two parts. The first one is a creepy fairy tale, where in the outskirts of Z, in the three-storied sauna "Fifth Rome", occupiers disappear without a trace, and every morning the anthem of Ukraine is heard..
Domestic price: 101.15UAH, International price: $9.28USD

Oleksandra Ivanyuk. Amor[t]e.

..young Italian Francesca leaves for the exotic Donetsk to learn Russian. The unfriendly city discourages the girl, who is ready to go back to Italy, but she meets Yuriy. He not only evokes Francesca's strong feelings, but also introduces her to the Ukrainian Donetsk, that the Italian did not even suspect existed – in the midst of the struggle for the city during EuroMaidan..
Domestic price: 133.85UAH, International price: $12.28USD

Garry Kasparov. Zyma nablyzhaetsya. (Winter Is Coming)

This book has not been published in Russia – and it is not clear if it ever will be. To your attention – a translation of the edition published in 2015 in the US. "This is the story of how Vladimir Putin by means of non-intervention, and in some cases with the support of the free world put an end to the democratic experiment in Russia".
Domestic price: 122.95UAH, International price: $11.28USD

AD 242. (the Airport of Donetsk)

...the main thing – it is about life and death, about recklessness and fear, love and friendship, about what and why Ukrainian fighters were defending in the terminals of DAP – read the stories by the immediate participants of Donetsk airport defense. Read, analyze, and draw your unbiased conclusions.
Domestic price: 108.13UAH, International price: $9.92USD

Viktoria Amelina. Syndrom lystopadu. (The November Syndrome)

Through of the unique ability of the protagonist to feel and experience other people's suffering, the author weaves the Ukrainian events of recent years into the context of the recent history of the world. And it is not so much about political parallels, but rather about that in today's globalized world there are no and cannot be any local conflicts.
Domestic price: 97.23UAH, International price: $8.92USD

Yuri Andrukhovych. Tut pokhovany Fantomas. (Fantomas Is Buried Here)

...To your attention – a sort of the selected from these weekly records arranged in the strict chronological order. When preparing this collection, the author deliberately did not make any adjustments of content, but he considered it appropriate to specify the exact date of each post.
Domestic price: 112.05UAH, International price: $10.28USD

Krym po-ukrajinsky. Funny and Sad Stories. (Crimea in the Ukrainian Way)

After reading this book, you will want to go to the Crimea. You'll feel light sadness or quiet rage – for the lost peninsula. There will also be the realization buzzing like an intrusive fly that there is no more that Crimea. That it is not that much a place but rather the time that will never return – unlike the Crimea as such...
Domestic price: 97.23UAH, International price: $8.92USD

Stepan Protsyuk. Pid krylamy velykoji Materi. The Mental Maidan. (Under the Wings of the Great Mother)

The new novel by Stepan Protsiuk is the consciousness of the era as a "surgical" cut. Exposing all of its guts. Eerie? Sure! But this is the only way one can understand why he/she is like that... Why an invisible "mamay" sits on one shoulder, and a "vatnik" – on the other?
Domestic price: 97.23UAH, International price: $8.92USD

Kyrylo Halushko. Maydanny semestr. (Maydan Semester)

Is it difficult to be a middle-age male lecturer at "female departments"? Won't you be a victim of your audience's sexual aggression? And what if a true revolt starts in you native city all of a sudden? What will happen to your love, your ordinary life, you, your Country, and your City?
Domestic price: 97.23UAH, International price: $8.92USD

Tirza Atar. Vid viyny plachut. (They Cry Because of War)

These poems were composed by Israeli poet Tirza Atar. She composed them long ago, in the mid 70s. Sure, not about our reality – but about theirs, for the war has long been grown into normal lives of people there. And it is creepy that these poems – written on behalf of a seven year-old Jewish girl – are so much in unison with our reality..
Domestic price: 79.35UAH, International price: $7.28USD

Neoholoshena viyna. Unknown Facts and Chronicles of the ATO. (The Undeclared war)

...Apart from the chronology of fights, you will have a chance to read analytical materials, which contribute into understanding and help to even slightly get rid of fear. And reports by journalists. They survived there. So, read it. Recall. Analyze. Draw conclusions. Remember.
Domestic price: 86.33UAH, International price: $7.92USD

Oleksiy Chupa. Kazky moho bomboskhovyscha. (Tales of My Bomb Shelter)

Twelve stories – funny and sad, happy and painful, crazy and routine – like pieces of mosaics, composing one ordinary day of Donbass residents. One day of still peaceful life... Who could guess that so few of them were in store, and that soon the author of this book would be in a bomb shelter, hiding from "Grad" with his characters?..
Domestic price: 79.35UAH, International price: $7.28USD

Volontery. Mobilizatsia dobra. (Volunteers. Mobilization of the Good)

The bright fabrics of poems, short stories, and essays by ten famous Ukrainian authors make one reflect on the phenomenon of volunteering – the recent events made us closely face this phenomenon. There is some sense in the saying that in difficult times the evil become more evil, while the good – even kinder...
Domestic price: 79.35UAH, International price: $7.28USD

Serhiy Zhadan. Anarchy in the Ukr + Lugansk Diary.

The publication is supplemented with new sections – "Lugansk Diary 2014"! Designed as a series of travel essays on the sites of Nestor Makhno’s military glory, the work turns up as a kind of a saga of another lost generation – that of rock’n’roll...
Domestic price: 86.33UAH, International price: $7.92USD

Yiriy Felshtynskiy, Mikhail Stanchev. Tretya svitova: Bytva za Ukrainu. /in Ukr/. (The Third World War: Battle for Ukraine)

The authors offer a brief excursion into the history of Ukraine, while simultaneously analyzing relations between Ukraine and Russia. Whether the battle for Ukraine will grow into World War III, or will it become for Russia another Afghanistan resulting in the collapse of Putin's regime – that is the core question of this very topical book, which no one would dare to now publish in Russia.
Domestic price: 122.95UAH, International price: $11.28USD

Yiriy Felshtynskiy, Mikhail Stanchev. Tretia mirovaia: Bitva za Ukrainu. /in Rus/. (The Third World War: Battle for Ukraine)

The authors offer a brief excursion into the history of Ukraine, starting from its arising to the present day, while simultaneously analyzing relations between Ukraine and Russia: the obstacles created by Russia on Ukraine's path to EU and NATO membership, the economic and gas blackmail Russia exercises against Ukraine..
Domestic price: 122.95UAH, International price: $11.28USD

Oleh Kryshtopa. Andriy Okhrimovych. Ukraina. Zahartovana bolem. Tysyacha rokiv samotnocti. (Ukraine. Hardened by Pain. Thousand Years of Solitude)

In the modern society, there are poignant debates about Ukraine's history, its events and figures, perception of which splits the Ukrainian society. Now that the information war has gained particular magnitude, it is essential to debunk the myths created by the propaganda of the neighboring state. The publication will make it possible...
Domestic price: 97.23UAH, International price: $8.92USD

Marko Rudnevych. Ya – z Nebesnoji Sotni. /bilingual/. (I Am from the Celestial Hundred)

To some extent, the protagonist of young writer Marko Rudnevych resembles Salinger's Holden Caulfield. 19-year old student Max from Smila lightly and openly speaks about his life – about his studies, peers, family, about his girlfriend Ivanka who is studying in Kyiv, and her parents want to send her off to study in France. But then the Maidan happen...
Domestic price: 101.15UAH, International price: $9.28USD

Bohdan Zholdak. UKRY. (The UKRs)

"The UKRs" is continuous "action" based on actual events of the Russian-Ukrainian hybrid war, where modern Ukrainians, like characters of "Aeneid", desperately play jokes with death while defending their land and their honor.
Domestic price: 119.03UAH, International price: $10.92USD

Andriy Tsaplienko. Knyha zmin. (The Book of Changes)

Andriy Tsaplienko is a known Ukrainian journalist. Since 1999, he has been working as a military correspondent. As a journalist, he has traveled to lots of "hot spots" around the globe. From the first days of the war – he has been at the forefront..
Domestic price: 75.43UAH, International price: $6.92USD

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1 february 2018
Myroslav Levytsky – "In Piano": Special offer!
12 january 2018
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Michael M. Naydan. Vid Hoholya do Andrukhovycha. Literary studies essays. (From Gogol to Andrukhovych)
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