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Iryna Starovoyt. Hroninhensky rukopys. (Groningen Manuscript)

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Iryna Starovoyt. Hroninhensky rukopys. (Groningen Manuscript)
"If it is true that all of us are walking books, then this book was written from the reverse perspective of journeys. It contains the European poetry on the Ukrainian memory and oblivion, and family detective stories. On the homeland as a personal cause. On the in-depth efforts of the future. On the genetic fear, but also a conscious victory over it. Poems without drafts, brakes, or boundaries."

I can only add that it is one of the best collections of women's poetry that I have had a chance to read recently. Very intimate – but understood with the intuition – but multi-layered – but transparent – but... Sophisticated and simple at the same time – living poetry..
In Ukrainian.
Illustrations: Art Studio "Agrafka" (Romana Romanyshyn, Andriy Lesiv)
Type of the edition: hard cover
Format: 124x166 mm
Number of pages: 112
Publisher: Vydavnytstvo Staroho Leva, Lviv

- Tse son takyy, shchob zavazhaty snam

1. RODOVYShchE ZNAYD. Virshi bez chernetok

- Inodi meni vydajet‘sja, shcho ja, jak Afina \\ Poky ja bula shche malen‘koju \\ Robota ljubovi – chekaty \\ Zhinka, jaka ne stala kolys‘ pianistkoju \\ Vzhe morja po kolina, po plechi, na plechakh lupa \\ Do solonoho potu \\ Zalyshajet‘sja krok do Zbrucha \\ Buvaje, shcho my spryymajemo bat‘kivshchynu \\ Ty buv til‘ky epizodom moho zhyttja \\ Nyni i ja stupyla na skhody biblioteky \\ Jakshcho nas til‘ky dvoje i odyn z nas zradnyk \\ Zapaset‘sja zemlja. Zapadentsi \\ Nepomuk \\ Starytsja Domnikija \\ Andriy Jurodyvyy \\ Nepysanym pravylom je ne pysaty pro nas \\ Jak my proshchalysja z junistju \\ Vperta hryzota chervy potrjasaje zemleju \\ Vidtinky zelenoho, vybrani trupni pljamy \\ U prysutnosti morja podileno sushu navpil \\ V ljustri kryvdjat‘ tebe krovysti zajidy sliv \\ Yshla vysoka voda \\ Sichnja nevichni stoky suhlynok pereymaje \\ Dotyk zhyttjamy, obmin tilamy \\ Ja nikhto, tozh mozhu buty vsim \\ Khlopchyku, persha pomichu syve pasmo \\ My antykvarni do nestjamy \\ Kashtany nyni vdruhe zatsvily \\ Sinokosna trava u korinni ishche zhyva \\ A potim vony vyrostajut‘ \\ Pozhyttjeve

2. PO ZhYVOMU. Virshi, napysani do mene

- from Wislawa Szymborska

- from Mahmoud Darwish

- from Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

- from Veronika Tushnova

- from Konstanty Ildefons Galczynski

- from Gwendolyn Brooks

- from Yuriy Koretskiy

- from Dmitriy Bykov

- from Maria Knezevic

3. VZhE NE PROZORI. Virshi encore

- Visti prykhodjat‘, nakul‘hujuchy vid vtomy \\ Diljachy strakh, jak-to diljat‘ khlib \\ U tori istoriji vtrapysh u stysli slidy \\ Trije Tsari \\ Vchepytys‘ u sutin‘, zvirjacho nastavyvshy kihti \\ Samist‘ stavala samotnistju \\ Ochyma, zroblenymy zi siroho ranku \\ Rysy tvoji daleki vid symetrychnosti spokoju \\ Obrys zhinochosti minyt‘sja razom zi mnoju \\ Svit pered snihom bil‘sh temnyy, nizh svitlyy \\ Kashel‘ kashtaniv zadavnenyy \\ Zorjamy vypovny slukh, vysotay nebozvid \\ Via Fori Imperiali \\ Nenapysanyy lyst Sapfo \\ Panafineji \\ Toy, kotryy vmiv prysjahnuty, ljubyty ne vmiv \\ Raptom, jak doshch. Pochynajet‘sja nich \\ Kimnata tsja maje chotyry kuty \\ Misto – tse til‘ky mistse \\ Ot i lito pryyshlo. A doshchi rozi vchylysja padaty \\ Koly raptom tobi perestanut‘ pysaty lysty \\ Ty ne znajesh, shcho ty vse shche mrijesh meni zviddalja \\ De nasha jun‘ nevpiznano stara \\ Miy sayt z vishchuvannja pohody na tvojim pidboriddi \\ Ti, shcho mandrujut‘ sami

Publisher: Staryi Lev
Catalogue number: ISBN 9786176790624
Year: 2014

Domestic price: 152.60UAH
International price: $10.90USD
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