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Nina Matvienko. Osin, taka myla. Golden Collection. (Autumn, So Nice)

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Nina Matvienko. Osin, taka myla. Golden Collection. (Autumn, So Nice)
Nina Matvienko has been performing on the professional scene for more than 40 years already it is even difficult to imagine how much (and to what extent) different music she had a chance to revive with her voice during all this time. Thus let us note: "Autumn..." is, presumably, one of the most diversified, multi-genre discs by Nina Matvienko and the recordings represented here cover the period from 1967 till 1992. Thus, this disc offers a truly good opportunity for a voluminous glance at her creativity. Music for a radio play, variety songs of the times of VIAs, a chamber cantata, folk songs, a symphony you will find all of those here. Music by Stankovych, Kryshtofovych, Bilash, Kiva, lyrics by Kostomarov, Pavlychko, Tychyna, Shevchenko... A decent company although, in the end, that is not that is important. And what is important that with her voice, her soul not only the song is revived, but also the hearts of those who's listening. Wherever they would live, whichever language they would speak Nina Matvienko in some magical way manages to release the light of this world, to make it close and clear, warm. Even when she sings sheer sorrow...

Publisher: Astra Records
Catalogue number: AR 059-09
Year: 2009

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Nina Matvienko

Domestic price: 390.60UAH
International price: $27.90USD
1.  Lisova pisnja. Muzyka do radio vystavy (feat. Symfonichnyy orkestr Ukrajinskoho Radio)
music: Jevhen Stankovych
lyrics: Lesja Ukrajinka
2. Mp3Ternova ruzha ("Zoloti Klyuchi" Trio)
music: Halyna Menkush
lyrics: Volodymyr Ivanyshyn
3.  Ne skhodylo vrantsi sonechko (feat. VIA "Berezen")
music: Vjacheslav Kryshtofovych
lyrics: Mykola Kostomarov
4. Mp3Lybid (feat. VIA "Berezen")
music: Oleksandr Avahjan
lyrics: Oleksiy Bulyha
5.  Lelechenky (feat. (Chorus named G. Veryovka)
music: Oleksandr Bilash
lyrics: Dmytro Pavlychko
  Kamerna kantata 3 (feat. Kamerno-instrumentalnyy ansambl Spilky kompozytoriv Ukrajiny):
6. Mp3ch.1: Osin
music: Oleh Kyva
lyrics: Pavlo Tychyna
7.  ch.2: Odchynjayte dveri
music: Oleh Kyva
lyrics: Pavlo Tychyna
8.  ch.3: Toy sad
music: Oleh Kyva
lyrics: Pavlo Tychyna
9.  Oy, brate miy, orle (feat. Instrumentalnyy ansambl p/k V. Smohytelja)
music: ukrainian folk song
10. Mp3Oy, spy, dytja (feat. (Dudaryk)
music: ukrainian folk song
11.  Chastyna z Panakhydy za pomerlymy z holodu (feat. (Kyiv Camerata)
music: Jevhen Stankovych
lyrics: Dmytro Pavlychko
  Symfonija na virshi Tarasa Shevchenka (feat. Derzhavnyy ansambl solistiv "Kyjivska kamerata"):
12. Mp3ch.1: Zore moja vechirnjaja
music: Oleh Kyva
13.  ch.2: I sertse odpochyne
music: Oleh Kyva
14.  ch.3: Svitaje, kray neba palaje
music: Oleh Kyva
 Total playing time: 68:57

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Domestic price: 390.60UAH
International price: $27.90USD
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Nina Matvienko. Molytva. (Prayer)

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Nina Matvienko. Kolyskova zori. (Lullaby to a evening-glow)

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Domestic price: 320.60UAH, International price: $22.90USD

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