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Oksana Zabuzhko. Virshi 1980-2013. /second edition/. (Poems)
Zabuzhko. Poems 1980-2013
Domestic: 218.90UAH
International: $19.90USD
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Paul Celan. Nichyina troyanda. /bilingual/. (Nobody's Rose)

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Paul Celan. Nichyina troyanda. /bilingual/. (Nobody's Rose)
"Collection "Nobody's Rose" is central to poetic works by Celan and is considered the apex of his creativity. It contains a distinct poetological program, which is also the project of being. Construction of the new reality involves existential issues and issues of cultural identity, especially the suffering caused by Holocaust, and the discovery of the Russian literature, the epitome of which for him was Russian-Jewish poet Osip Mandelstam. "What makes his poetry so complicated is one thing they are not hermetic, their every word, every image, every rhythm, every opening, every silence are significant." Michael Hamburger

Translated from German, postscript by (in German and Ukrainian) Petro Rykhlo.
Bilingual: German / Ukrainian
Type of the edition: hard cover, dust cover
Format: 130x210 mm
Number of pages: 200
Publisher: Knyhy-XXI, Chernivtsi


- Es war Erde in ihnem Zemlja bula v nykh \\ Das Wort vom Zur-Tiefe-Gehen Tse slovo pro shljakh-do-hlybyn \\ Bei Wein und Verlorenheit Z vynom i samotnistju \\ Zurich, Zum Storchen Tsjurykh, hotel "Pid buzkom" \\ Selbdritt, selbviert Triytsja, chetverytsja \\ Soviel Gestirne Stilky suzirjiv \\ Dein Hinubersein Tvoje zahlyblennja \\ Zu beiden Handen Obiruch mene \\ Zwolf Jahre Dvanadtsjat rokiv \\ Mit allen Gedanken Z usima svojimy dumkamy \\ Die Schleuse Shljuz \\ Stumme Herbstgeruche Bezmovni zapakhy oseni \\ Eis, Eden Lid, Edem \\ Psalm Psalom \\ Tubingen, Janner Tjubingen, sichen \\ Chymisch Alkhimichne \\ Eine Gauner- und Ganowenweise Shakhrayska i zlodiyska balada


- Flimmerbaum Merekhtlyvyy stovbur \\ Erratisch Eratychne \\ Einiges Handahnliche Shchos dolonepodibne \\ ...rauscht der Brunnen ...shumyt dzherelo \\ Es ist nicht mehr To vzhe ne ta \\ Radix, Matrix Radix, Matrix \\ Schwarzerde Chornozeme \\ Einem, der vor der Tur stand Tomu khto stojav za dveryma \\ Mandorla Mandorla \\ An niemand geschmiegt Do nikoho shchokoju \\ Zweihausig, Ewiger Dvodomnyy, vichnyy \\ Sibirisch Sybirske \\ Benedicta Benedicta \\ A la pointe aceree A la pointe aceree


- Die hellen Steine Sjayne kaminnja \\ Anabasis Anabazys \\ Ein Wurfholz Bumerang \\ Hawdalah Havdala \\ Le Menhir Le Menhir \\ Nachmittag mit Zirkus und Zitadelle Poluden z tsyrkom i tsytadellju \\ Bei Tag Uden \\ Kermorvan Kermorvan \\ Ich habe Bambus geschnitten Ja rizav bambuk \\ Kolon Kolon


- Was geschah? Shcho vidbulos? \\ In eins Vojedyno \\ Hinausgekront Vyvinchanyy \\ Wohin mir das Wort Kudy kanulo slovo \\ Les Globes Les Globes \\ Huhediblu Vituzhetu \\ Huttenfenster Vikno khyzhi \\ Die Silbe Schmerz Sylaba bolju \\ La Contrescarpe La Contrescarpe \\ Es ist alles anders Vse inakshe \\ Und mit dem Buch aus Tarussa Z knyhoju iz Tarusy \\ In der Luft V povitri

- Nachwort

- Pisljamova

- Hlosariy

Publisher: Knyhy-XXI
Catalogue number: ISBN 9786176140993
Year: 2015

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Paul Celan

Domestic price: 119.90UAH
International price: $10.90USD
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Paul Celan. Svitlotysk. /translated by Serhiy Zhadan/. (Lightduress)

The collection contains a hundred poems published during his life and in the books that were published immediately after the tragic death of Celan. "Lightduress" offers the opportunity to be introduced to the "late" Celan. Selection, translation of the texts, the introduction, postscript, and photos by Serhiy Zhadan.
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Igor Pomerantsev. Homo Eroticus.

Igor Pomerantsev proves that the new forms of the dialogue and of communication have transformed the notion of the erotic. However, the poetic forms that he uses make the ​"eternal themes" poignantly up-to-date, and poetic images rather bordering on psychology than sexuality, as it was interpreted in the 20th century...
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Julian Tuwim. Poeziji ta konteksty. (Poetries and Contexts)

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I pokolinnya prykhodyt'... Anthology of Modern Israeli Poetry. (And Another Generation Comes...)

The Anthology introduces readers to pieces by 16 Israeli authors translated by leading Ukrainian poets. Urban poetry, erotic poetry, poetry about infinity of the war, prayer poems, commentary poems based on sacred text...
Domestic price: 119.90UAH, International price: $10.90USD

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Andrukhovych. Amadoka
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