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Гостевая книга
Сергей Жадан. Хлібне перемир'я. (Хлебное перемирие)
Жадан. Хлебное перемирие
В Украине: 141.90 грн (*)
Другие страны: $12.90USD
Тарас Прохасько. Так, але... (Да, но...)
Прохасько. Да, но...
В Украине: 174.90 грн (*)
Другие страны: $15.90USD
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Тина Кароль. Ноченька.
03-03-2007 10:47

WOW... what can you say about this album but BRILLIANT.
Tina is a real Mega star... Every song is perfect even if you dont understand Russian or Ukranian. I hope we will see much more of Tina's work in the future. Buy this album ind you will be glad you did.
The booklet with this CD is a work of art...

Иван Франко. Собрание сочинений. Часть 3. (mp3).
  , Одесса, Украина
02-03-2007 10:20

Замечательный диск! Я покупала его для сына. Ему 11 лет. Ему очень понравилось , его любимая сказка - "Абу-Касимові капці" .
В детстве я читала сказки И. Франко. Но сейчас, слушая их вместе с сыном, я действительно открыла их для себя заново. Мы с сыном получили огромное удовольствие, слушая этот диск.

Києве мій. Золотая коллекция.
  , Київ, Україна
01-03-2007 14:47

Прекрасна збірка. Велика вдячність видавцям! Більше за всіх вразила "Володимирська гірка". І особливо приємно, що цю композицію записав ансамбль з Москви.

Ассия Ахат. Мне это нравится... /digi-pack/
  Raul , Munich, Germany
01-03-2007 09:16

This CD is for closing your eyes and dreaming, not because one falls asleep, but because the music takes one to other worlds. I like the continuity of the songs as if they were an individual piece. I miss the violin though. Chill-out.

Lama. Мені так треба. (Мне нужно так)
  , Барселона, Іспанія
20-02-2007 15:07

Lama's CD is the perfect example of how to be trendy without being clonic. While the sound is distinctly modern, even Europop, I'd dare to say, there're enough distinctive traits to make it unique and original. Lama's voice is also very well-balanced and pleasant. This CD is one of the best debut's I've ever heard ^_^ I shall agree: Лама, дякую - ти Супер.

The Ukrainians. Respublika.
  Nik , Sweden
20-02-2007 14:17

Very nice, good versions both of Ukrainian folk and British punk in Ukrainian. Since the group are second generation Diaspora Ukrainians from England, this combination of Ukrainian folk and patriotic songs with Sex Pistols probably says something of the complexities of growing up in that environment. It would have been interesting to have a chat with the singer.

Duzhe harno, pidtrymuiu,

Фома. Концерт в "Золотих Воротах". Live.
  Nik , Sweden
20-02-2007 14:09

I am not the greatest fan of everything done by Mandry, but this is a quite nice album. Although there probably should be some kind of limit for how many times the word "polonyna" can be used in a song, the-down-to-earth performance of Foma makes one think less of such details. The general impression is sympathetic.

Koroche, akustychnyj format "depopsue" pisni' ...

Океан Эльзы. 1221.
  , Portland, Oregon
11-02-2007 22:57

I was introduced to the Music of Okean Elzy from a friend who is Ukraine. The music is a soft rock style compared to other American rock music and fuses together some contemporary sounds with folk music. Very easy to listen to with great instrumentation. The singer gives alot of personallity and passion too. Songs like "Susy" and "Holodno" easily became favorites. Other songs "Druh", "Vulycja", "Majzhe Vesna" and the english song "Long time ago" are also fast favorites.

Святослав Лунёв. Para Pacem – Para Bellum.
  О.К. , Тернопіль
11-02-2007 15:27

Світ...очима душі.

Юркеш. Ой.
  , Мелитополь, Украина
10-02-2007 11:47

Очень интересный альбом. В нем ска перемешуется с фанком, рок с поп музыкой. Большое спасибо группе "Юркеш", за то, что она появилась в Украине!

Ани Лорак. Расскажи...
  Yoon , Seoul, Korea
10-02-2007 06:55

Ani lorak, she is most brillient singer in Ukraine. I like her and her songs and I want to see her in Korea's TV.

Фактично Самі. Lo-Fi TRавмы.
  , Sydney, Australia
10-02-2007 02:55

This time around it's the jazz and groove mood for Faktychno, with sax and keyboard solo action aplenty. At times they even dare to be overtly pretty! I love the way this band can change their outward style for a whole record at a time and still sound completely like themselves and like nobody else, and keep the electronic burbles pumping underneath whatever they're doing. One theme/set of lyrics even gets three different treatments on this CD. Again, a remarkable CD.

Фактично Самі. Kurva Cum Back.
  , Sydney, Australia
10-02-2007 02:50

This is kind of the 'Faktychno Sami goes Korn' album - and it rocks hard. Thrashy upbeat guitar work, lots of incredibly aggro rapping and vocalising, and palpable ferociousness. Stylistically it seems to have taken onboard the best elements of so-called Nu-metal while avoiding the worst. The pace never falters and of course there's lots of high quality musicianship that I expect from this band - innovative basslines and arrangements. Kicks arse!

Руслана. Дикая энергия. (сингл).
  , Sydney, Australia
10-02-2007 02:45

It's good to see Ruslana back with new material worthy to continue the trajectory established by her Wild Dances single. Wild Energy certainly has strong melodic and rhythmic similarities to the former, but there are some interesting new things going on. Remembering that this is a track accompanies the story of a fantasy/sci-fi novel, some of the vocal's treated with an appropriately synthy/distorted effect. There's also less of a broad distinction between verse and chorus. The chorus has a feeling of perpetual motion (not resolution) that I'd normally expect from a verse, and the verses are the more distinctive resolved parts. It's a high energy track alright.

Ансамбль старинной музыки Константина Чечени. Музичні діалоги. Україна-Франція.
  , Хуст, Україна
09-02-2007 20:19

Раджу всім, хто цікавиться середньовічною музикою, придбати цей чудовий діск. І не тільки музикою, а і співами, бо тільки тут є можливість насолодитись чарівними голосами Надії Боянівської і Вікторії Радик.

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19 ноября 2020
Эксклюзив! альбомы серии "Нескорений ПроRock" – в подарок!
13 ноября 2020
Эксклюзив! "Нескорений ПроRock. Олена Теліга" – альбом в подарок!
Марко Вовчок. Емансипантка. Рассказы и повести. (Эмансипантка)
Марко Вовчок. Рассказы и повести
В Украине: 179.30 грн (*)
Другие страны: $16.30USD
Салли Руни. Нормальні люди. (Нормальные люди)
Салли Руни. Нормальные люди
В Украине: 174.90 грн (*)
Другие страны: $15.90USD
O.Torvald. Diller Kaifu. (2CD). /eco-pack/.
три стороны лица
В Украине: 179.30 грн (*)
Другие страны: $16.30USD
Олег Лишега. Розлоге дерево. (Раскидистое дерево)
Лишега. Раскидистое дерево
В Украине: 179.30 грн (*)
Другие страны: $16.30USD