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Serhiy Zhadan. Khlibne peremyrja. (Bread Ceasefire)
Zhadan. Bread Ceasefire
Domestic: 141.90UAH
International: $12.90USD
Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 174.90UAH
International: $15.90USD
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Ukrainian Epic Tradition. Project "My Ukraine. Bervy".
  , Київ, Україна
27-06-2006 11:41

З кожною новою композицією, навіть з кожним звуком всередині наростає якесь невимовне почуття, музика спокійна, а хочеться літати. Це вражає своєю найнеймовірнішою простотою. Раджу, дуже раджу.

Olena Hrebenjuk. "Le Forze Del Destino" project. /digi-pack/
  , Киев, Украина
27-06-2006 11:31

Я очень люблю оперу! Но эта композиция превосходит всех и всё, даже Эмму Шаплин. Снято это видео режиссером Евгением Тимохиным на арию из ”Мефистофеля” Арриго Бойто. Так хочу найти это видео, но пока не складывается, но я думаю это поправимо.
Сама операная пивица прошла долгий путь:
1974 — родилась в Баку (Азербайджан)
1989 — переехала в Киев
1995 — окончила Киевскую консерваторию
1997 — первое сольное выступление
1999 — солистка киевской муниципальной оперы
2001 — первые гастроли за рубежом — в Познане (Польша)
2003 — гастроли в Японии, Германии, Польше
2004 — участие в опере ”Силы судьбы”
2006 — победа на конкурсе ”Евровидео гран-при-2006”
Солистка Национальной оперы Украины

Ani Lorak. Rozkazhy... (Tell me...)
  , Chicago, USA
27-06-2006 07:00

Great CD. Love it and listen to it all the time. Never new Ani Lorak is so great.

Ruslana. Wild Dances (single).
  Дарья , Апшеронск, Россия
27-06-2006 00:01

Мне очень нравится эта певица, У неё сильный голос, волевой характер и замечательные песни, которые я пою каждый день. Они поднимают мне настроение. Именно благодаря песне "Дикие танцы" я смогла развить голос и добиться успеха. Спасибо, Руслана!

Ani Lorak. Rozkazhy... (Tell me...)
  , Berlin, Germany
26-06-2006 20:08

Анi is back singing in Ukrainian! Wow, terrific she had the heart to re-record some of the tracks of her Smile album with new lyrics. Generally speaking I have to say that I like her better singing in her native tongue because I feel that her voice has more colors this way, but maybe it's just imagination or my own personal taste. However, I think that even "Don't Talk About Love" works better in Ukrainian (consequently now called "Не кажи про любов") while "Smile" is clearly made for English, and sounds a bit awkward with the new lyrics. We also find the two bonus tracks of the previous album hereon, "Чекаю" and "Расскажи...", an alternate lyric version of "Чекаю" (now called "Мой Ангел" - who needs that?), one fabulous new track "Тирий (Tirij)", and two remixes ("Авто" and "Расскажи..."). Those remixes take her songs into the discotheque department, and the way they were made is just great. On top of that, as on her last three long-players, we get two video clips. And look at the art work! Isn't she drop dead pretty? Wow...

The sound production is flawless like her previous efforts, but is this really a full new album? It's certainly something like an "archival release" but since that category is not yet available here it's correctly listed as a standard album. A good effort and hopefully we will soon see a completely new CD with all-new tracks on it.

"Pochayna" choral chapel. Shevchenkivs'ki kantaty. Ukrainian classical music.
  , Bletchley, England
26-06-2006 19:30

Very interesting disk, stirring music, good introduction to different composers. I wish I could understand the words!

Green Grey. Dve epohi. (VideoCD). (Two epochs)
  , Череповец, Россия
26-06-2006 16:27

эх как жаль в нашем городе ихъ почти недостать =( у меня только один полный альбом и так из другихъ по несколько песен =(
А грин грей просто молодцы ждём дальше их творчества

Alena Vinnitskaya. Rassvet. (Sunrise)
  , Енакиево, Украина
26-06-2006 06:53


Alena Vinnitskaya. Rassvet. (Sunrise)
  , Киев, Украина
25-06-2006 19:23

Алёнка супер! Очень хорошие смысловые тексты, да под такие гитарные переливы- душа ну просто рвётся, когда слушаешь! Спасибо- Алёнка, большое спасибо. ( от Винограда и Измученого сердца вообще в восторге)

69, Assia Akhat. Assia Akhat & 69.
  , Manchester, England
24-06-2006 20:54

Good album and very different from assiya akhats usual stuff. "printsip mata hari" is definately my favourite song on the album. Reminds me of my trip to Kyiv, it was constantly on the music tv channels.

The album is pop based with the occaisionall great violin stylings of assiya akhat.

Ukrainian Drinking Songs. DVD Karaoke.
  , Manchester, England
24-06-2006 20:48

Order from UMKA came very fast.

All words on this DVD are in Ukrainian, Its a very good dvd with many ukrainian chart songs aswell as traditional folk music.

If your interested in Ukrainian karaoke then this item is perfect for you.

Enejida (DVD).
  , Bath, UK
24-06-2006 16:45

I didn't have a chance to watch this animation movie in Ukraine. Don't miss it. If you like Ukrainian animation together with Ukrainiah humour you will enjoy it.

Myroslav Skoryk, Roman Repka. The Melody. Piano music.
  , New York, USA
23-06-2006 17:13

This is a very interesting recording. By combining classical and regional themes with jazz phrasing Skoryk manages to evoke the best aspects of all three.

Whether exploring the complexities of an operatic theme as in the "Paraphrase on the Themes from Puccini's Opera ‘Madam Butterfly’ or swinging through up-tempo celebrations of folk tunes like the selections from "The Children's Album" these pieces are consistently musical and involving.

Skoryk's highly original and engaging compositions, Repka's masterful pianism, and the fine sound quality produced by excellent engineering all combine to make this a CD that rewards repeated listening. Highly recommended!

Tina Karol. Show Me Your Love.
  , Newcastle-under-Lyme, United Kingdom
23-06-2006 15:08

I bought the cd because Tina Karol was featured on Eurovision and absolutely adored her song , it had very 'catchy' melody and the composition of the track combined with the lyrics sung by her complimented well. I bought her cd immediately after seeing her on Eurovision and what can I say?

A class act - she manages to effortlessly combines styles of pop Queen Madonna and princess britney spears except in a much more acceptable way. The songs on the cd are excellent - each one unique and beautifully composed combined with excelllent vocal rangews making it a listeners delight. I would definately recommend it to other people.

Keep up the good work Tina!

Erko. Til'ky Tobi. The Best Songs.
  , Antogonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
23-06-2006 06:47

I have never expected to find such music in modern Ukraine. Is Erko alive? Who is he? Where was he born? Hi sings a lot of Diaspora songs nobody else tries to sing in Ukraine today. Thank you very much for providing us with this wonderful opportunity to enjoy chanson that does not sound cheap.

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19 november 2020
Exclusive! "Unsubdued ProRock" series – as a present!
13 november 2020
Exclusive! "Unsubdued ProRock. Olena Teliha" – the album as a present!
His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk, Oksana Zabuzhko. APOKRYF. Chotyry rozmovy pro Lesyu Ukrainku. (THE APOCRYPHA. Four conversations about Lesya Ukrainka)
THE APOCRYPHA. Four conversations about Lesya Ukrainka
Domestic: 427.90UAH
International: $38.90USD
Obiymy Doschu. Son. /re-edition, digi-pack/. (The Dream)
through the ashes
Domestic: 229.90UAH
International: $20.90USD
Kazuo Ishiguro. Zalyshok dnya. (The Remains of the Day)
The Remains of the Day
Domestic: 196.90UAH
International: $17.90USD
Mykhailo Starytsky. Za dvoma zajtsiamy. Vybrane. (After Two Rabbits. The Selected)
Starytsky. After Two Rabbits. The Selected
Domestic: 152.90UAH
International: $13.90USD