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Serhiy Zhadan. Khlibne peremyrja. (Bread Ceasefire)
Zhadan. Bread Ceasefire
Domestic: 141.90UAH
International: $12.90USD
Taras Prokhasko. Tak, ale... (Yes, But...)
Prokhasko. Yes, But...
Domestic: 174.90UAH
International: $15.90USD
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Erko. Til'ky Tobi. The Best Songs.
03-12-2005 00:48

well this is my second album by him and you get hooked to his voice, strange as it is, and I like it. This album does duplicate some of his songs from another album, so I feel shortchanged but its OK.

Ukrainian Duos. Golden Collection.
  , Belgium
03-12-2005 00:46

I do love the full sound of the choir in most of the songs. Some of songs are not great, ie., the ones from the Play (its better to see it on stage), and in fact there are too many of these for one album (I would have split them between two), but the first half of the album I loved so I guess I will be happy with that portion.

Dmytro Hnatyuk. Nich taka misjachna. /light pack, slim box/.
03-12-2005 00:41

I have to say I have always loved Dymitro's quality of voice. My husband who does not speak or understand Ukrainian heard me playing this and has taken it in his car to listen. In fact he wanted a small translation of some of the songs so he can "imagine" what he is singing about. I now must order another album. Would be nice if some of the words to the songs were included, I know this is not cost effective.

Victor Pavlik. Dance together.
  , Chojnice, Poland
02-12-2005 19:23

So nice music with rythm. If you listen this, you can not stay in the chaire. ;o)

Ruslana. Club'in.
02-12-2005 13:53

Another great album from Ruslana... If you have her others then you will want this too..

Okean Elzy. Gloria.
  , boussoit, belgique
01-12-2005 16:44

gloria okОan elze a encore fait notre admiration avec Нe nouveau album qu'ii continue a nous faire rОver avec ses mОlodies et ses beaux poПmes en ukrainien Нlava Нlava

Lviv Chamber Choir "Gloria". Koljadky.
  , Москва, Россия
29-11-2005 09:18

Ангельское пение

The Company of Heroes. (2 VideoCD).
28-11-2005 23:49

Всім привіт. Диски прикольні в першу чергу тим, що вони є черговою ластівкою "українського кіноматографа". Але сам фільм - це трохи не те, на що я розраховував. Надто вже багато толерантності, людяності і МІФІЧНОСТІ. Якщо вже взялись щось робити, то треба робити достовірно. Досить отих 70-ти років міфів...пора показувати історичну правду... Але сайту подяка :))) Молодці, що поширюєте українське!!! Так тримати!!!

Tanok Na Maydani Kongo. Zabuv. Maxi-Single.
  , Вінниця, Україна
28-11-2005 07:31

Привіт усім! Я слідкую за ТНМК ще до виходу першого альбому і тому мені дуже приємно що хлопці від альбому до альбому помітно прогресують, кожне нове видання по свому цікаве і оригінальне! Так тримати. Дякую за приємні хвилини!

Okean Elzy. Gloria.
  , New Jersey, USA
28-11-2005 01:46

Vitannya vsim!
Ya vvazhayu, scho cej al'bom ne te same, scho OKEAN ELZY kolys' buv, ale vin ne ye poganyj. Todi vony strvoryly svoyu ideologiyu kohannya, a teper my, ta vony, vyrosly i yihnya muzyka vyrosla z nymy. Ce ne toy staryj, dobryj Okean, yakogo my znaly, i po notah yakyh my kohaly, ale ce dostojna zamina yomu.

Mad Heads XL. Nadiya Yea. (There Is Hope)
  , zaporizhzhya, Ukraine
25-11-2005 09:56

"Надія" - Очень светлый альбом.
ОГРОМНОЕ СПАСИБО коллективу...!!!
все должно изменяться и то что этот альбом отличается от предыдущих это просто замечательно. если рубить 10 лет одно и тоже то это может надоесть:)
я с удовольствием слушаю как старые альбомы так и новый.
Короче спасибо вам ребята за то что вы есть и то что делаете.
единственое но
может стоит подумать о выпусках альбомов на DVD (с включением фрагментов репетиций или выступлений... ну да мало ли чего :) )
по крайней мере мне это пока не попадалось...

Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors (2 VideoCD).
  Anna , Herndon, USA
24-11-2005 17:55

Great movie. I've seen it a couple of times since I've got it. There is no need for subtitles.

Valerij Marenych. Pisni Volyns'kyh avtoriv.
  Anna , Herndon, USA
24-11-2005 17:35

Super, otrymala bahato zadowolennia, czudowi teksty, czudowe wykonannia, Marenycz maje super holos, duze rekomenduju.

Okean Elzy. Gloria.
  , Almaty, Kazakhstan
23-11-2005 16:19

You, guys are awesome and the new album is just wonderfull, but still there is something missing in it. Yes, the energy is there, yes, Slava Vakarchuk still deserves the titul of sex-symbol of Ukraine, and not only Ukraine, but the charm, the style, the uniq part that made OE so unlike everyone else and the one I fall in love with a year ago is gone.. I just cant find it in any song on the album.. Its just not there. All the songs are perfect. WAY TOO PERFECT.. Its like wearing jewelry. When its not so much of it, it makes you look better and gives you your uniq charm, but when you are covered by just spoils all your outfit!! So better not wear it at all in that case..
Anyway, good job, guys. Just try to get the OE style back

Okean Elzy. Yananebibuv. (re-edition). /digi-pack/.
  , Charjew, Turkmenistan
23-11-2005 15:56

Yananebibuv is the best album of OE. In fact, after getting this album, I cant listen to anyone else.. I just fall in love with them!! Their energy and drive is increadeble!!! You can actually hear the feelings of Slava Vakarchuk and his energy while listening to his songs!! No one used to listen to OE in my country, but after listening to 'Yananebibuv' and 'Gloria', OE will find sooo many fans in Turkmenistan.

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