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Komu Vnyz. 4: Shevchenko. (EP). /digi-pack/.
Komu Vnyz. Shevchenko. (EP) (special offer)
Domestic: 404.60UAH
International: $28.90USD
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Flit. Zanykaj.
  , Івано-Франківськ, Україна
22-04-2006 09:13

Фліт - це сучасна, життєва, актуальна,неординарна музика!!!а презентація альбому - вибух емоцій і настрою!!! творіть і надалі!!!

Lingvo 11 Electronic Dictionary. Ukrainian-English-Russian languages.
  , Lviv, Ukrain
22-04-2006 00:23

Дуже хороша програмулька тим більше що тепер є Українська мова.
В мене є 10-та версія можу тільки уявити що може 11-та версія

World known dances.
  , Харків, Україна
21-04-2006 22:13

Доволі якісно зроблені синтезаторні обробки народних танців. За винятком болґарської "Дині". Її аранжувальник модернізував її настільки, що впізнати "ту саму" "Диню" практично не можливо.

Troisti muzyky Prykarpattja. Ukrainian ethnic music.
  , Dauphin, Canada
21-04-2006 08:12

I am a Ukrainian-Canadian musician and some of these tunes are of course familiar. But hearing them in the original "Old Country" context with more traditional instruments (in Canada it is violin, cymbali, accordion, guitars (bass and rhythm), and drums generally) imparts a whole new texture. I played this CD for my 23-year-old son who loves traditional Celtic music and he was in awe and totally impressed with this musical part of his heritage.

NeDilya. NeDilya.
  , Коломия, Україна
20-04-2006 20:33

Купивши цей диск я не очікував такої ліричної музики!!!
"Вий мій ранок"-файна пісня!!!Зачипає за живе!!!Діля, Росава та його команда гарно попрацювали над цим альбомом, за те їм велике -ДЯКУЮ- !!!
ще одне: хто б не читав цей відгук, я закликаю слухати українську музику бо вона того варта!!!
!!!---Цінуйте своє і вас будуть поважати---!!!

Mykola Kolessa. Selected works. Part 3.
19-04-2006 19:39

Дуже цікава та приємна для слухання західноукраїнська музика.

Danilko. Posle tebja... (After You...)
  , Рівне, Україна
18-04-2006 17:49

Надзвичайно мелодійна, приємна для відпочинку музика.

Fleur. Trilogy (3CD). /digi-pack/
  Леди Мириам , Королёв, Россия
18-04-2006 15:39

люди и другие существа, если хотите окунуться в чудесный параллельный мир,рекомендую :)

Maria Burmaka. Mia (Live DVD).
  , Scotland
17-04-2006 17:01

This is quite an interesting recording of a live concert by Maria Burmaka especially for people like me who only know Maria from sound recordings. The good thing about live concert videos is that they offer an opportunity to get to know the personality of the artist which is always rather difficult by listening to a CD. I would have recommend this DVD wholeheartedly to all fans of this singer were it not for the fact that the sound quality of this DVD is very poor. I don't know if I have a duff disk but when I play the video on my usual DVD player which is connected to a HiFi Stereo system the concert is simply unlistenable. Even the free low-quality previews of album songs offered by sites like UMKA sound better! Many of the songs on this DVD are also on a live CD "Maria Burmaka Live" (I cannot say whether it is a recording of the same concert) but the sound quality of the CD is 1000% better. So, for a truly enjoyable listening experience of a live performance of this unique artist, get the CD (available from UMKA) and forget about the DVD. I wonder whether the other reviewers of this title have made the same complaint - unfortunately I don't understand Ukrainian ;-(

"Rushnychok" Ensemble. Solov'jina Ukrajina.
  , Brisbane, Australia
16-04-2006 15:09

I agree with Sophia, I remember the zabava's in Sydney,Wollongong and Adelaide with our parents and relatives,with many small groups breaking into spontanious song(well, after proper lubrication,that is) but, not as in tune and well balanced as this duo.The professional trained voice cannot be hidden and even though they "Rushnychok"are trained to the highest standard the songs still have have that natural earthy feel.Definitly a cd for the collector.

Choir Group Of the Award Winning Song and Dance Folk Ensemble of Ukraine "Darnychanka". Let's unite, beloved family.
  , Brisbane., Australia
16-04-2006 14:46

I have listened to this cd while driving to work and at home while working.It draws out such strong emotion and cultural pride that one needs to stop and just listen,to be swept away by the harmonies,to feel the mood and become one of those in the audiance of some vast theatre,to become one of the 'family'.(please don't try this while driving,it could be fatal.)Definitely will be getting more of this ensemble.Shame that they have not as yet produced a combination cd/dvd with the dancers included.

Katya Chilly. Ja – molodaja. (I Am Young)
  Keir , Canberra, Australia
14-04-2006 02:28

Fantastic music. A dash of Bjork, a dash of Sinead O'Connor, and a big slab of...well, remember the concert Bruce Willis' character goes to see in the movie The Fifth Element? Yeah!

Ihor Borko. Z holosu zemli mojeji. (From the Voice of My Land)
  Павло , Київ, Україна
13-04-2006 14:45

Його голос наче спів соловейка. А пісня "нічко цікавая" в його виконанні просто шедевр.

Dmytro Hnatyuk. Spivaje Dmytro Hnatjuk. Disc 1.
  Елизавета , Москва
11-04-2006 09:25

Я очень люблю украинские песни. Теперь днём и ночью хожу с плеером и слушаю эту чарующую музыку. Песни Дмитрия Гнатюка это как струны нежной и доброй души.

Olexander Ponomariov. Ja ljublju tilky tebe. (Only You I Love)
  , Харків
11-04-2006 01:01

Олександр своїми піснями відкриває найпотаємніші закутки моєї душі! Ніхто так не вкладає душу в пісню, як Олександр. Я мрію почути Ваш незрівнянний голос наживо!!!

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